What is a water cycle?

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What is a water cycle?

The water cycle is a process of recycling Earth’s water supply. It is a continuous cycle that involves various processes, such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and deposition.

The water cycle is a series of processes continuously flowing within the Earth’s land and atmosphere. It is powered by gravity and the energy of the sun. Its purpose is to supply water to plants and animals. It also helps to cleanse the air.

The stages of the Water Cycle

Many steps play a role in the movement of water. Below are the various stages that make up the process of water.


The sun’s energy is the primary energy source, and it drives most of the evaporation process on Earth. The evaporation process occurs when water molecules at their surface are exuberant and then rise to the surface. The molecules with the most energy kinetics are absorbed into clouds of water vapor. The process of evaporation is usually at below temperatures of boiling.


Sublimation occurs when snow, the ice is transformed straight into water vapor, without turning into water. It typically occurs as an effect of dry air as well as low levels of humidity. Sublimation is often observed on mountain peaks when the pressure of the air is low. The lower pressure of the air helps to convert the snow to water vapor.


The cold temperatures at higher altitudes eventually cool the vapor of water that accumulates in the atmosphere. The vapors turn into tiny drops of ice and water, eventually forming clouds.


Below 0°C, the vapors begin to form water droplets. However, it cannot be condensed without dust and other particles. Thus, water vapors affix themselves to the surface of the particle. If enough droplets meld with each other, it falls from the clouds onto beneath the surface. This is referred to as precipitation (or rain). When the weather is particularly cold or with extremely low air pressure, the droplets of water freeze and fall down as hail or snow.

Water cycle picture

water cycle image
Water cycle image
pictures on water cycle
Pictures on water cycle
model for water cycle
Model for water cycle
a water cycle picture
A water cycle picture

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