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Hard water is a common issue in the maximum location in India, and it is very harmful to your skin & hair. The hard water also scales formation in every location of the bathroom & it is difficult to remove. It is a thin white or brown film. The solution to these problems is using a water softener for filtration of your bathroom water. To reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium quantity in the water, use the best water softener for bathroom.

Hard water is full of harmful minerals that can affect the appliances and fixtures in your bathroom and your overall health. Hard water is detrimental to your hair, skin, clothing, and even appliances.
To tackle the issue, You must have sufficient information on the subject to be sure you’re making the correct choice.

By using a water softener, you’ll never have to worry about these issues. It will help to lower harmful minerals and get rid of the buildup of soap on your dishes and your other appliances. You don’t need to routinely keep your fixtures clean due to the ugly white stains. Additionally, softened water is more beneficial to your skin.

The water softening equipment prices range between 1000/- to 4000/- rupees. Different type of water softener is available in the Indian market. You need to select it based on your requirement.

Why water softener for bathroom is needed?

We first need to know about hard water & software to find out what is best for our uses at home.

Hard water:

Hard water is water that contains an extra level of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium ion. A high level of dissolved calcium and magnesium increases the hardness of water & water becomes a scaling tendency.

Soft water:

Soft water is treated water through a softener. The hard water passes through the softener & the softener catches calcium and magnesium ions & releases sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium ions free water is called soft water.

Difference between Soft water & Hard water:

Soft Water

  • Present sodium ion
  • preferred for barth & washing clothes
  • Hair and skin become soft
  • Soap is easily effective

Hard water

  • Present magnesium and calcium ion
  • Do not prefer barth & washing clothes
  • Hair and skin become dry
  • Soap is not so effective

Benefits of Using a water softener for bathroom:

  • Removes Visible Impurities & suspended particle.
  • Soft water is good for Skin and Hair.
  • Removes bad smell from Water.
  • Prevents scale Formation from bathroom surface, tap & shower.
  • Reduces the harmful chlorine level.

The issue with hard water, every house must have a water softener. With a wide range of models to choose from, you can select the water softener based on your preference. Should you not wish for your clothing to fade due to hard water, you could utilize this Washing Machine water softener to make hard water soft and keep your clothes shining.

Hard water can lead to hair and skin problems. To make sure you do not suffer from these issues, you should use a water softener for the bathroom. In addition, if you wish to utilize the softener to serve several different purposes and needs, then a whole-house water softener is an ideal choice in your residence.

We have selected the five best water softeners in India that may meet your requirement. Here is a detailed review of the best water softener.

List of Best water Softeners in India:

Sl NoProductImage
1.ALTON SHR20180 6 Inch water softener for bathroom With Overhead Shower
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alton water softner 15
2.WaterScience CLEO Multiflow Shower Head water softener for bathroom
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celo hard water filter
3.PURIFIT 15 Stage water softener for bathroom
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purifit shower head filter
4.AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter for Bathroom:
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aquaking shower water filter
5.FEELSO High Pressure Showerhead water softener for bathroom
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feelso water softner

Review of Best water Softeners in India :

1. ALTON SHR20180 6 Inch Hard Water Filter With Overhead Shower:

The Alton water softener is the best filter for hard water. We know hard water is hard on skin and looks dry. When we use it to wash our hair, the hair colour becomes dull. Using this shower filter gives you the best result.

This water softener has high output filtration capacity, reduces harmful Chlorine, dirt, bad odours and helps control the growth of scale, itchy skin, rough hair & enjoy with healthy.

alton water softner 15

Key Feature:

  • Filtration stages 15
  • Five spry pattern
  • Water filtration capacity 40000 liters.
  • Remove hardness from the water
  • Removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, etc
  • Six months cartridge life
  • Replaceable Cartridge inbuild


  • Easy to install.
  • Price within budget
  • Powerful filtration
  • Best water softener for bathroom


  • N/A
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2. Water Science CLEO SFM-419 Multi flow hard Water Softener for Shower:

The best water softener in India has a unique 4-layer filter that fights against chlorine and hard water and gives you safe, clean water for your hair and skin. Choose from five different flow options, including a 70% water saving flow for a better rainfall experience.

Chlorine and hard water salts in your bath water are among the most common causes of hair loss, dry skin, brittle nails, and a range of other skin problems. Residual salts in the water cause bad odours and leave behind corrosive limescale on their sanitary ware and heating equipment.

celo hard water filter

In addition to the lack of chlorine and hardness, the Cleo SFM 419 multi-flow hard water filter also prevents the growth of bacteria, removes bad odours, and keeps your bathroom limescale free.

Please note that Cleo is not designed to reduce TDS or turbidity (coloured / cloudy water). Cleo is the best water softener for bathroom & it is designed to minimise the effects of chlorine and hard water. This converts harmful contaminants into harmless forms. Remember, a high TDS level does not always mean that the water is unsafe!

Key Feature:

  • Unique 4-layer filter water softener
  • Five water Flow Options
  • 70% Water Saving
  • Long cartridge life of 25,000 liters
  • Fits all Standard Shower Arms


  • 3 min easy Installation
  • Assured for 5 Years replacement against defects
  • 60 Days Money-back


  • High price
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3. PURIFIT 15 Stage shower filter water softener for bathroom :

Purifit advanced hard water softener for bathroom is equipped with a 15 step filtration system that gives clean and pure water for you. The filtration system has several layers that convert it to chloride to react with chlorine. Hard water is converted to soft water.

The Purifit hard water filter offers many benefits along with its purifying and cleansing properties that help convert chlorine and hard water into harmless substances that are easy to clean from your hair and skin. Filtered pure water helps in smooth skin texture, less hair loss and reducing body odour.

Purifit Shower Head Filter is easy to fit and fix as it comes with an installation kit along with an installation video link and user manual.

purifit shower head filter


  • Ideal for Indian water
  • Reduced hardness level 17ppm + removes 98% chlorine
  • Filters out chemicals, bacteria, and harmful substances
  • Smooth on skin and hair
  • Cartridge life: 40,000 liters or 6-8 months
  • Easy to connect, easier to use


  • Prevents hair fall & promotes hair growth
  • Eliminates bad odour and bacteria
  • Filters out 98% chlorine
  • Avoids dry skin


  • N/A
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4. AquaKing Hard water softener for bathroom -Fits on Shower Heads:

Aquaking hard water softener for bathroom will help you solve your hard water-related problem in your area and get healthy, itch-free skin and shiny hair experience pure bath experience.

Use it for at least 45 days and see your look, skin texture, glowing hair results; people will notice you and ask you for your secrets about good looking glowing skin.

Chlorine and hard water salts, chemicals, heavy metals in your water are among the most common causes of hair loss, dry skin and a range of other skin conditions. The solution is to filter out harmful pollutants before they reach your body.

aquaking shower water filter


  • Unique 10 layer filtering system
  • Cartridge life of 30,000 litres
  • Eliminate upto 95% chlorine
  • 2 year warranty on the shower head
  • 90 days warranty on the cartridge


  • Install it yourself in 3 minutes
  • 90 days cartridge warranty


  • Price high comparison to others filter.

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5. FEELSO High Pressure 5 Spray Settings shower head Water Softener for Shower :

The “Feelso” Shower Head Filter is made of high-quality ABS and plated with chrome. Remove chlorine, heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, chromium) and other harmful substances. Especially women and children need, enjoy the cleanest shower experience with their family.

You can experience different shower modes with this filtered shower head, as it has 5 water jets with rain mode, massage mode, mist mode, rain and mist mode and rain and massage mode.

feelso water softner

Key Feature:

  • 15 steps shower filter will remove chlorine and harmful elements
  • The health care shower system helps you prevent dryness.
  • Swivel ball joint design allows you to 360 degrees movement
  • 4 inch shower head offers powerful water flow
  • 5 Spray Modes
  • Swivel ball joint design allows you to 360 degrees movement
  • Made with high quality ABS & chrome plated


  • 5 Spray Modes
  • Remove chlorine and other harmful impurities, heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, nickel, chromium


  • Price too high
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Q. How a water softener work?

It is based on an ion-exchange process in which minerals’ ions that cause hard water are replaced by sodium ions and make it soft. For washing machine and bathroom softeners, add salt to the softener inside the salt chamber, and the machine will start to soften. All-house water softeners are entirely automated, and you have to connect them to your tank for water, and they will transform hard water into soft water.

One tip is to make sure you pick a water softener that doesn’t come with a complicated installation because it could impact the bathroom’s interior.

Q. How do I remove permanent hardness from water?

The easiest and most effective method to get rid of the hardness of the water is to put a water softener inside your home. This is true since there is no other method for softening hard water. All you need to do is include salt into the softener, transforming the hard water into soft. The process of softening the water softener is relatively easy; it operates on an ion exchange process. This process lowers the hardness of water through the exchange of minerals.

Q. What are pros and cons of having a water softener?

The only cons is sodium will be added to the softener to your daily routine & the amount is not an important issue. There are benefits to having cleaner clothes, less detergent or soap, the heaters last longer, and pipes don’t accumulate minerals.

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