Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India – Reviews

Hot and Cold Water Purifier

We all are preferred drinking cold water in summertime & hot water in the wintertime. This is an easy word to say like, but summertime when we fill the number of the water bottle to put it in the freeze. It was a too boarding job to all of us. Another wintertime making hot water every time, it is not possible.

Good news to all of you!

Few best quality water purifier has inbuilt Hot & cold water facility. Yes, it is right you get pure drinking water with choice able temperature. 

Yes, we are talking about ‘hot and cold water purifiers’. It is a water purifier that not only gives you clean and pure water but also solves the problem of heating & freezing the water. You can distribute hot or cold water directly as normal water distribution.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Water Purifier uses:

  • Instant hot water available without a gas stove on.
  • Instant cold water available without freezer.
  • Time saving

Hot and Cold Water Purifier List:

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1.AO Smith Z9 Green RO+SCMT Black Hot and Cold Water Purifier:
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AO Smith Z9
2.A.O.Smith Z1 UV Hot and Cold Water Purifier, Suitable for <200 TDS:
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3.Bepure 4G Normal Hot and Cold Water Purifier:
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Bepure 4G
4.LG Hot and Cold Water Purifier:
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LG Hot and Cold
5.Blue Star Stella ST4BSHC01 Hot and Cold Water Purifier With RO+UV
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Blue Star Stella

Review of top Hot and Cold Water Purifier :

1. AO Smith Z9 Green RO+SCMT Black Hot and Cold Water Purifier:

A.O Smith Green Series RO Water Purifier not only ensures 100% RO pure water but also saves 2 times more water with its innovative advance recovery technology. This Z9 model water purifier recovers the maximum amount of water compared to other water purifiers. The Z9 water purifier has 8 stages of complete purification; It is also equipped with an electronic tube for distributing hot water at the press of a button, with temperature options of 45 Celsius and 80 Celsius.

AO Smith Z9
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• 8 Stage Purification complete purification
• Advance Recovery Technology save 2X more water
• Hot water at a press of one bottom
• Advance alert Technology for filter change
• Mineraliser Technology maintain essential mineral in the water.
• One-touch dispense water instantly at the press of a button.

Product Description:

• A.O. Smith Green Series Z9 Water Purifier comes with 8 stages purification. The purification 8 steps: pre-filter > sediment filter > carbon block > carbon block > Advance Recovery Technology > RO membrane > Mineraliser Technology > double filter(SAPC + SCMT).
• Mineralizer Technology adds essential minerals to the water & make natural taste and water pH balance.
• Advance Recovery Technology recovers 2X more water & minimize wastage of water.
• If the RO membrane or other filters need to be replaced, Advance warning system alert you.


  • It has hot and cold water options.
  • Looks great
  • Mineralized water and water wastage is less


  • No manual option to dispense water if your electricity goes.

2. A.O.Smith Z1 UV Hot and Cold Water Purifier, Suitable for less than 200 TDS:

A. O. Smith Z1 UV+UF water purifier is suitable for low TDS water. If your raw water TDS is less than 200 mg/l, then this water purifier ok for you. It five-stage purification kill 99.99 % bacteria & viruses from the water & one bottom hot water are best for wintertime. The hot water option at 45°C and 80°C you select a per your requirement. A.O. Smith Z1 100% ensures to give you healthy drinking water.

A.O.Smith Z1
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• Suitable for less than 200mg/l TDS in the raw water.
• 5 Stage Purification with UV Technology
• Hot Water at a press of a button
• Advance UV Lamp
• Digital Display
• UV Life Alert

Product Description:

  • A.O. Smith Z1 5 Stage Water Purifier stages are Pre-Filter > Sediment Filter > Silver Activated Post Carbon > UV Lamp > UFS  (for hot water only) to give you healthy drinking water.
  • UV purifies hot water from 45 Celcius to 80 ° Celcius on two temperature preferences.
  • UV is a proven non-chemical technology to give you healthy water.
  • The digital display is easy to understand the information.
  • Alert in advance when to replace the UV lamp.


  • Child lock system for the warm water tap
  • Overall getup is excellent that enhance the aesthetic of any well-decorated modern kitchen.
  • Fast filtration process


  • TDS limit 200 – 300 mg/litre

3. Bepure 4G Normal Hot and Cold Water Purifier: 

Bepure 4G Hot Normal Cold RO+UV+UF+TDS + Mineralization water purifier is one of smart water purifier. Drink hot water with a capacity of 2 liters/minute and the temperature is 80 to 90 degrees, so it reduces the to wasting time of getting hot water for drinking. Drink cold water from 1 liters/minute capacity purifier and keep the temperature at 15 to 20 degrees. Smart LED display screen to monitor the operation and maintenance of the water purifier. Complete eight stages of the purification process with mineral technology with inbuilt TDS controller to supply not only pure but also healthy water. Regular water storage tank = 8 liters, hot water storage tank = 1 liter, cold water storage tank = 7 liter.

Bepure 4G
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• Suitable for less than 200 to 2000mg/l TDS in the raw water.
• 8 Stage Purification with UV Technology
• Mineral Technology with Inbuilt TDS controller
• Switches for Hot and Cold Water function
• Smart Led Functions
• Room Temperature purified water provision
• 100% Stainless Steel UV Chamber

8-Stages of Purification:

Pre-filter: Located outside the purifier to protect from large particles
Sediment filter: removes all particles up to 5-micron size.
Activated carbon filter: removes chlorine content, odors and bad taste.
Reverse osmosis membrane: removes dissolved impurities (TDS)
Ultra-Violet System Treatment: Disinfects water
Ultrafiltration Membrane: Removes colloidal particles, bacteria and viruses
TDS Controller: TDS Control
Mineralization: Increase the mineral content in the water to make it healthier


  • 8 Stage Purification with hot & cold water facility
  • touch-free faucet
  • TDS Controller
  • 100% Stainless Steel UV Chamber


  • Did not found

4. LG Hot and Cold Water Purifier:

LG WHD71RB4RP is a hot, cold and normal water purifier from LG; you get cold water with a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius and hot water at a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Party or get together; now you can enjoy cocktails, smoothies, tea, coffee easily. The multi-stage reverse osmosis (more) system provides safe drinking water through a multi-stage purification system that provides pollution and the reverse osmosis (more) system provides safe drinking water through a multi-stage filtration method that eliminates contamination. Smart display for filter change indicator, UV sterilization indicator with the smart display.

LG Hot & Cold Water Purifier
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• One Touch Hot, Cold & Normal temperature water
• 5 Stage with RO Purification
• Get water 5 Deg C to 90 Deg C
• Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank
• Filter Change Indicator

Reasons to Buy:

1) True Filtration: True RO Filtration.
2) True Preservation: Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank.
3) Instant hot, cold or normal water dispense.
4) True RO Filtration: Pure & healthy water without impure water mixing.

5. Blue Star Stella ST4BSHC01 Hot and Cold Water Purifier With RO+UV:

Blue Star Stella is dispensing hot, cold and normal room temperature water with RO+UV filtration. It has an operation with an electronic dispensing button replacing the manual tap.

It delivered pure water with hot, cold and room temperature water at the one-touch button. Maximum hot water up to 85 deg C and cold water as low as 5 deg C.

Blue Star Stella
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• Hot, Cold, Ambient Pure Water
• Alkaline Antioxidant Water (optional at additional cost)
• Double Layered RO+UV Protection
• Separate hot water faucet
• Child Lock function
• Taste Enhancer
• Touch sensors
• Electronic Dispensing Button

Product Description:

  • Blue Star Stella ensure double layered RO + UV protection to ensure you drink completely safe water without compromise.
  • High TDS Remover removes up to 96% so that despite the high levels of impurities dissolved in the input water, your drink is safe and pure water.
  • Manual tap replacement is a convenient operation with an electronic dispensing button.
  • Touch bottom gives you an easy selection between normal, hot and cold temperature options.
  • Separate the hot water hose to provide safety during the hot water supply in conjunction with the child lock function.
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Hot and cold water filters are expensive respect to standard water purifier. This additional feature gives you instant hot and cold water as per your requirement. Suppose you are not considered for an extra budget for buying a water purifier, my recommendation to go with RO water purifier without hot & cold feature. You can find the best RO water purifier within Rs 10000/-.

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