Is Bleaching Powder safe for Drinking water?

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Microbial contamination in the water can lead to serious stomach infections. You can take many steps to ensure that your drinking water is free from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. One popular way of doing this is through chlorination. Chlorination helps disinfect the water by adding a small amount of chlorine.

Water Quality test before adding bleaching powder to the water

Before you add bleaching powder to water, it is essential to determine the quality of water you are using for drinking. Water quality depends on the water source, the purification system used by your service provider, and the storage system.

Water quality can be assessed by conducting several tests like pH test, TDS (total dissolved solids) test and chlorine residual test. You can also use a home-testing kit for this purpose if required.

How much bleaching powder used in drinking water?

Adding 0.5% of bleaching powder to the drinking water is a standard practice.

You might be interested that adding 0.5% of bleaching powder to the drinking water is standard practice. However, please do not use too much bleaching powder because it can cause health problems.

Only use if your water is not safe to drink without bleach; otherwise, you can use it without bleaching powder.

For example, if we get 50 liters of water, then add 250 milligrams of bleaching powder to make it more healthy to drink.

To measure the amount of powder and water, use a scale and measuring cup. Then stir the mixture until it dissolves completely.

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Is bleaching powder safe for drinking water?

Do not use too much amount of bleaching powder otherwise, it may be harmful. It is a fact that bleaching powder is not harmful to health. But if you use too much bleaching powder in drinking water, then it may be harmful.

If you use too much bleaching powder in drinking water, some problems can happen, such as diarrhoea, skin irritation, headache etc.

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