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Chloride test Titration Method

Chloride Test apparatus Requirements

  1. 50 ml water sample
  2. Conical flask 250 ml
  3. 0.2N NaCl solution: Dissolve 1.17gm of dried NaCl into DM water to a final volume of 100mls. 0.02N NaCl solution : Pipette out 10ml of 0.2N NaCl solution to 100mls with DM water.
  4. Pottasiumdicromate  indictor: Dissolve 5 gm potassiumdicromate in 100 ml of D.M water.
  5. 0.02 N AgNO3 Solution :Take 3.3580 gm of AgNO3  in the 1 lit. volumetric flask. Add DM water to 1000 ml mark in the flask.

Chloride Test Procedure

  1. Take 50 ml Sample in a 250 ml conical flask.
  2. Add 2 – 4 ml potassiumdicromate indicator and mix by stirring.
  3. Titrate against 0.02 AgNO3 solution.
  4. Check for the end point – Yellow to Brick color

Chloride Calculation:

Chlorides as Cl (ppm) = (TV X Normality of H2SO4 X 1000 X 35.5)/Sample volume

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