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If you are a science student in the chemistry field or working in a chemistry laboratory or you are interested in the laboratory field this article very helpful for you. Any chemistry laboratory needs different glassware and equipment to do the analysis of different parameters.

Laboratory apparatus glassware

1. Beakers:

beaker 1 20

A beaker is usually a flat-bottom cylinder holder. Most have a small spit that helps pour, as shown in the picture. The beaker are available in a wide range from 50 ml to a few liters. Beaker come with graduation calibration, they are not for accurate calculation of the solution.

2. Conical Flask:

conical flask

A conical flask, also known as an Erlenmeyer flask or a titration flask, is a type of laboratory flask that features a flat surface, a conch body, and a cylindrical neck.

It allowing the solution to be easily mixed without spreading the contents. Since the flask has a narrow long neck, it is used to gently heat the contents of the flask with a gentle rotational speed.

3. Test tubes:

test tube

A test tube consists of a finger-length of ordinary laboratory glassware, open at the top and closed at the bottom.

Test tubes are an essential instrument since they are useful from any chemical or biological reaction reagent mixture. They become very useful when many samples need to be tested for qualitative evaluation of any test.

4. Volumetric flasks:

volumetric flask

It is the essential glassware of any laboratory, made of glass and calibrated to retain a particular liquid volume at any given temperature. Different sizes of volumetric flasks are available, each liquid and solution is calibrated for accurate measurement. It is mainly used in the preparation of standard solutions.

These flasks are usually pear-shaped, have a flat floor, and are made of glass or plastic. The flask’s mouth is either fitted with a plastic snap/screw cap or fitted with a joint to have a PTFE or glass stopper.

5. Graduated cylinders:

graduated cylinders

A graduation cylinder, also known as a measuring cylinder, is a common laboratory instrument used to measure a liquid volume. It has a narrow cylindrical shape. Each marked line of the graduating cylinder represents the amount of solution measured.

6. Funnels:


Funnels are used in chemical laboratories. There are different types of funnels that have been adapted for this particular application. There are filter funnels, tittle funnels and abandoned funnel stop packs that allow the liquid to add a flask slowly.

7. Droppers:

glass dropper

The dropper is a simple small lab instrument, usually made up of a plastic or glass cylinder, with a small nose on one side and a rubber holder on the other. It is used to hold reagent or solutions & used dropwise during any chemical analysis.

8. Burettes:


Burette used in titration reactions. This instrument is a long-graduated tube, with a stopcock present at the bottom end and a narrow opening at the bottom. They are usually set up using a Burette clamp with a ring stand.

9. Pipette:


A pipe is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology, and medicine to transport measured amounts of fluid. The pipette is a single-piece glass pipe.

10. Watch glass:

watch glass

This instrument consists of a piece of glass. It is usually used to hold chemical powder, evaporate liquids and various substances as needed for testing.

Others Laboratory Apparatus:

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Laboratory Safety Item:

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