How to TDS Test of Water?

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We know TDS means “Total Dissolve solid” & it is a vital parameter for drinking water. The RO water purifier is designed to control the TDS level in the water & make it safe for drinking. So, before buying a water purifier you must know the water TDS level.

TDS testing of water is a chemistry term but now it is very easy with a TDS meter. You can test the TDS of water If you do not understand the basic chemistry. In this article, we discuss the TDS analysis procedure step by step.

How to Check the TDS Level?

We can do TDS test for water in two different methods,

  1. Using Digital TDS Meter
  2. Using Evaporation & filter paper method

TDS test with TDS meter is an easy procedure & you can do at your home without any chemistry knowledge but the Evaporation & filter paper method need a laboratory.

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TDS Test for Water with TDS meter

tds meter 1 1
  1. Open the protective cap from the meter.
  2. Switch on the TDS Meter.
  3. In the water, immerse the meter up to the highest level mark.
  4. Press the hold button & note down the TDS result in your notebook.
  5. Power off your meter and then remove and clean the electrode prior to placing it back into the cap to protect it.

TDS Test for Water video guide step by step

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TDS Test Using Evaporation & filter paper method


  1. Evaporating dish
  2. Glass fiber filter paper GF-A (Whatman)
  3. Filtration assembly


  1. Place the fiber filter paper on the gooch crucible and wet in with the sample.
  2. Record weight of an empty evaporating dish as W1.
  3. Filter the sample through the crucible and then measure 100ml sample and transfer to the evaporating dish and evaporate to dryness over a water bath.
  4. Dry the evaporating dish in an oven at 110C for 2hrs.
  5. Record weight of evaporating dish with solids as W2.

Calculation :

Total Dissolved solids (ppm) = {( W2 – W1) X 1000}/100 ppm


W1 = weight of empty evaporating dish

W2 = weight of evaporating dish + residue

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