Kent Sediment Filter & Activated Carbon Filter Review

What is the sediment filter? 

The sediment filter collects and removes big size particle from the water, such as dirt and debris. The sediment filter is the first stage of purification that removes dirt and grime from the input water. The sediment filter removes all large particles so that the pre-carbon filter and RO membrane do not damage the early stage. It prevents all these solid particles from entering your water supply and disrupting the efficiency of your water purification system.

Uses of Sediment Filter:

The entire house filtration system uses sediment filtration to remove particulate matter from your pipes and baths and to protect other filter life. Your pool filter cartridge is a type of sediment filter, preventing dirt and grime from your primitive swimming water. In the drinking water purification system, the sediment filter protects other filter life (for example, RO membrane, UF membrane nanofiltration, etc).

What is the Carbon Filter?

Carbon filters contain activated carbon, which is made through a special production process that creates more bonding sites. When water passes through a carbon filter, impurities like VOC and heavy metals are chemically bound to carbon. As the waterworks through the filter, many unwanted contaminants will get stuck at the carbon bonding site and leave the water filter much more pure than that.

Uses of Carbon Filter:

Carbon filters remove dirt, but they also remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and unpleasant water tastes. Elimination of organic matter in container water, such as humic and fulvic acids, chemically inhibits chlorine reaction with acid in water and trihalomethane formation.

Kent RO sediment and carbon filter Review:

The pack consists of 1 inline carbon filter 8 inches & 1 inline sediment filter 10 inches. 100% genuine Kent RO sediment and carbon filter are suitable for All kent Water Purifier like Kent Grand Plus, Grand, Super Plus, Wonder, Wonder Plus, Pride, Pearl, Prime, Prime TC, Supreme, Super Star, Pristine, Ace, Ace Plus, Gems, Park, Max, Ultra, Ultra water purifier.

kent ro sediment and carbon filter

Technical Details:

• Brand: Kent
• Model Name: Genuine Spare Inline Sediment Filter and Carbon Filter 8 inch RO+UV +UF +TDS
• Type: Solid
• Filter Material: Carbon & Sediment
• Micron Rating: 0.001
• Application: All type Kent Water Purifier

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It is a 100% authentic product from Kent. kent sediment filter price around Rs 500/- and kent inline carbon filter price Rs. 500/-. This price has fluctuated depending on the offer.


Kent sediment filters and Kent carbon filters need to replaced at least once a year. On-time replacement of both of these filters keeps your Kent RO membrane safe and ensures pure and safe drinking water.

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