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About Livpure brands

Before going to a detailed review of Livpure PEP Plus water purifier, first, we need to know about Livpure brand. The Livpure water purifiers are constructed with a sophisticated purification system that guarantees to eliminate all bacteria, dirt and viruses, dust pollutions and contaminants out of the water. With its broad assortment of products, Livpure has become a well-known brand used in every household.

The company started its journey on May 24, 2011, intending to be one of the most prominent and trusted brands in water purification. Through their constant efforts and plans, the company has established a prominent position within the Indian market.

Livpure has established itself as a renowned and trusted name among customers within a short time. It has attracted a lot of loyal customers thanks to its unique advantages and qualities. The brand offers a broad number of benefits that makes it a hit.

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Details review of Livpure Pep Plus

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Livpure Pep Plus Key Feature

  • Purification technology: RO and UV
  • Storage capacity: 7L
  • Filtration capacity: 12 liter/hr
  • Stages of purification: 6-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS limit up to 1500 mg/liter
  • Warranty: 1-year

Product Description:

Livpure PEP Plus water purifier is a  ideal balance between top features and a stunning design The purifier is guaranteed to meet a middle-Indian family’s requirements to provide healthy water without any sacrifices. It has a large capacity of 7L storage, making it suitable for a middle-sized Indian family. 

The Livpure PEP Plus has six steps of purification, water is thoroughly cleaned and purified from all kinds of pollutants and contaminants. This purifier works up to 1500 ppm TDS on inlet water. So, you can use water from various sources without compromising the taste or quality.

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Livpure Pep Plus Pros & Cons


  • Six stages of purification using RO+UV Technology
  • You can filter from all source of water
  • Elegant and sleek looks with a light style


  • TDS limit up to 1500 mg/liter

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