A water purifier helps to remove impurities, including chemical wastes pollution, microorganisms. We are detailed review of the Livpure water purifier & list out the best purifier’s. We believe that purchasing a brand new Livpure water purifier will protect the entire family members health from water-borne diseases.

The price of Livpure water purifier in India is usually affordable. However, we recommend reading this article to find an extensive list of water purifiers from Livpure recently introduced in 2022.

Livpure has established itself as a major brand in the industry of water purifiers within a short time. Livpure provides water purification services for both commercial and residential use.

Livpure offers a full selection of water purifiers, ranging from the basic gravity-based purifiers to premium multi-stage RO water purifiers, including advanced features such as touch controls and Bluetooth.

Livpure Water Purifier Review 2022

1. Livpure Water Purifier Zinger (RO+UV+UF+Mineraliser)

livpure water purifier zinger

Key Feature:

  • HR70 water saving purification
  • 6.5 liter storage capacity
  • Mineralizer
  • in tank UV sterilization
  • Inbuild Auto flush & leakage sensore
  • Insect proof water storage tank


  • Livpure water purifier Zinger has 70 per cent water recovery capacity, saving 20,000 litres of water per year.
  • Six stages of purification assure purified and safe drinking water. You get free of harmful bacteria, viruses and particles. Mineraliser adds vital minerals that aid in protecting the immune system.
  • It is design and colour complement the style of the kitchen. LED indicators show the filter’s life, UV Sterilization status, water leakage, and purification status. 6.5 L of the capacity of storage is ideal for 4 -5 member families.
  • In-tank UV sterilization and insect-proof high-quality storage tank help keep the purified water in perfect condition and avoid any contamination after the filtration.
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2. Livpure Glitz Silver RO UF Water Purifier

livpure glitz silver

Key Feature:

  • Seven Stage Process for Purification
  • 7 Litres Storage Capacity
  • TDS limits of 2000 ppm
  • Mineral Cartridge improves the essential minerals
  • LED Indications – Power ON, Purification Process & Tank Full


  • Livpure RO water purifier “Glitz Silver” can help improve your drinking water quality; it has a seven-stage purification process with a unique characteristic of mineralised.
  • You get 100% clean and safe is essential drinking water for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The unique feature is mineralised, which maintains the proper pH level in water by adding the required minerals.
  • The RO purifier comes with a storage capacity of 7 litres and LED indicators that show the power on, tank full and purification in process.
  • This water purifier is suitable for Borewells or tankers, or underground water.
  • The Mineral added at the end of the stage enhances the flavour of the water, making it taste more pure and delicious water.
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3. Livpure Touch 2000 plus RO water purifier

livpure touch 2000 plus

Key Feature:

  • 7 Stage advanced purification system
  • Storage Tank Capacity- 8.5 Litres
  • Touch technology
  • Purification capacity – 15 L/hr
  • Filter change indication system
  • Teast enhancer


  • Easy operation and compatibility with the purest water available, Livpure 2000 Plus comes with a stunning touchscreen that offers pure water with the smallest pressure of your fingertips.
  • The 7 Purification stages are – Anti-Scalant Cartridge >> Sediment Filter >> Pre Activated Carbon Filter Cum Adsorber >> RO Membrane >> Mineral Cartridge >> UF Cartridge Filter >>UV Disinfection Column
  • To ensure the purity of every drop, Livpure Touch 2000 Plus comes with seven stages of advanced purification technology that helps remove harmful impurities that are dissolved in the water.
  • Eliminating bad smells and foul smells, Touch 2000 Plus features the ability to enhance taste and give you pure and tasty water.
  • It is India’s first intelligent touch RO + UV + Taste Enhancer + UF at our doorstep. Livpure water purifier Touch 2000 plus is one of the top water purifiers.
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4. Livpure Water Purifier ( PEP Star) RO+UV+UF+TDS Technology

livpure water purifier pep star

Key Feature:

  • RO + UV + UF + Taste enhancer technology
  • 7 Litres storage capacity
  • Seven stages of water purification
  • Taste Enhancer
  • Tank full & UV fail atert system
  • TDS limit up to 1500 mg/liter


  • Livpure Ro water purifier “Pep Star” is the excellent RO in this price segment. It has RO + UV + UF + Taste enhancer technology and comes in a sleek and modern design for your kitchen interiors.
  • Livpure water purifier (Pep star) comes with 7 Litres storage capacity & it will be easily mounted on your kitchen wall. Its RO membrane can provide filtration up to 75-80 gallons of water per day, while the Taste Enhancer also improves the quality of the water.
  • The Water Purifier includes indicators like power on and tank full purification process and the UV failure alert.
  • This RO sterilize the water using Ultraviolet radiation. This water purifier Is perfect for small families.
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5. Livpure PEP Plus RO+UV Water Purifier

livpure pep plus

Key Feature:

  • Technology – RO+UV+Taste Enhancer
  • 6 stages purification
  • Tank Full Indicators and UV Fail Alarm
  • Water storage capacity of 7 litres
  • Purification Capacity – 12L/hr
  • TDS limits up to 1500 mg/l
  • Elegant and sleek design


  • Livpure RO water purifier “Pep Plus” provides clean drinking water, which is essential. In addition, it improves the taste of water by eliminating organic pollutants that are volatile from it.
  • Livpure water purifier offers fresh, odourless, and more premium drinking water.
  • The addition of minerals at the last stage enhances the flavour of water, making it delicious and pure water.
  • It can hold up to 7 Liters of water. It comes with a 12- month guarantee.
  • This purifier is perfect for water coming from Borewells or tankers or underground water.
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If you’re a city resident and dependent on municipal or overhead tank waters, you should use a water purifier before drinking. Municipal water is treated, but during transportation through the pipeline, it can be a contaminant in leakage from underground pipes. The water from the overhead tank is stagnant and has a chance for microbiological growth.

These all RO water Purifiers are suitable for high TDS water 300 – 2000 mg/l. If your home supplies water TDS less than 300 mg/l, then best to use UF + UV water Purifier.

Livpure water purifier customer care

Livpure has a national presence with more than 10,000 retailers along with 300 distributors in India. Livpure is also exporting its top-of-the-line water purifiers to more than 15 countries around the world.

The customer service provided by Livpure on the ground is very good.

Livpure Customer Care Number 1800 – 419 – 9399

E-mail to customer care support – customercare@livpure.in

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