5 Reasons to Stop Buying Packaged drinking water

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Several people think packaged drinking water is healthy water for drinking regularly. Package drinking water is acceptable during long hours travelling by bus or train & not possible to carry lot of water but depended on package drinking water is not a good habit.

After reading this article, you may think to use packaged drinking water for your regular day-to-day life.

Reasons to Stop Buying Packaged drinking water

1. Harmful to Your Health

Plastic bottles can contain chemicals like BPA and Phthalates, which can cause harm when combined with water. These chemicals can lead to many health problems, including brain and prostate cancers.

It is fine to drink packaged drinking water occasionally during emergencies. However, regular consumption of plastic bottled water can lead to serious health problems.

Both the quality and safety of the packaged water and the plastic bottles are highly doubtful. These cheaper alternatives can be dangerous for your health because they use inferior packaging and purification standards. Especially cheap or local branded packaged water does not maintain the quality. These low-quality brands often use plastic bottles that are not food-grade, which can cause long-term health problems.

We recommend a home water purifier to ensure safe and clean drinking water. If possible, you should replace your fancy fridge bottles with Copper Water Bottle and stainless-steel ones.

2. Wastage of Money

There are many package drinking water companies available today, from different brands. Top branded cold drinks companies also jump to the package drinking water market. There is a lot more to come, as people notice the growth in the market.

All kinds of packaged water brands are available in superstores and roadside shops. This is a sign of packaged water businesses’ high demand and profitability.

We are buying one liter of packaged water for around 20 rupees. Larger bottles, which can hold 20 litres, may cost between 75 and 80 rupees. Every liter of bottled water costs approximately 4 rupees, even if you consider the price of the 20-liters container.

wastage of money

For example, If you have a five-member family, you need a daily 20 liters of drinking water; the monthly cost of bottled water would be 2,400 Rupees.

Using a RO purifier will cost you around 50paise for a liter of water production. A water purifier could save you 80 to 90% rupees for drinking water.

3. Are package drinking water as Pure as You Believe?

Many local brands, not so well-known, filter municipal water and put them in bottles. They don’t even bother to treat the water to remove impurities properly.

These brands and people often don’t even purify tap water before filling the bottles with water directly from the borewell or tap. According to an old news report, more than thousand illegally bottled water units are in India.

If this is the case, it might be safer to have a water purifier installed at your home to drink safe and clean water.

4. Concerns about Quality

microplastic in water 1

A large study (Reference) conducted in nine countries and published on March 14, 2018, revealed that microplastics are a major problem in bottled water.

Researchers in Brazil, China, and India tested 250 bottles from 11 global bottled water brands. They also had to be tested in Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenyan, Lebanon, Mexico and the United States. Researchers found plastic in 93% percent of the samples they tested.

Dissolving microplastic in the water causes health risks. Researchers found that continuously drinking dissolve microplastic in the water results may create certain types of cancer and lower sperm counts, leading to an increase in ADHD or autism.

5. Harmful to the Environment

Maximum package bottles might be information on the label about how to recycle plastic bottles. This is possible only if you take responsibility for disposing of plastic bottles in the correct place. Plastic bottles can pile up in different places and cause environmental damage.

plastic bottle pollution

Nearly 1,000,000 plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the globe. Plastic pollution is one the greatest threats to both humans and animals.

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Drinking clean and safe water is essential to stay healthy and free from diseases. Dependent on package drinking water may harm your health if the manufacturer does not maintain the quality of water. Sometimes you are travelling & not possible to carry a lot of water, then you may buy a package drinking water or buy a Portable Water Filter & Bottle during travelling.

When come to the point of home use. the best decision is to use an RO water purifier for drinking. The RO water purifier is 100% safe for drinking from any source of water.

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