3 best UV lamp for water purifier systems

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A UV lamp based water purifiers kill 99.99% of microorganisms inside the water. When you consume water that is contaminated by bacteria, it was very unhealthy for your body. The ultraviolet lamp radiation destroys bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi and makes it safe for drinking water.

The UV Lamp has wavelengths of 254-nm destroys the DNA of microorganisms that cause disease, so they cannot reproduce. Drinking water with ultraviolet light prevents germs from transmitting the infection.

RO water purifiers spare parts ultraviolet lamps play a significant part in the purification process. The ultraviolet radiations destroy 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria from the water.

Best quality UV Lamp Review

1. Philips UV Lamp For RO UV Water Filter

The Philips UV lamp is utilized in residential water as well as air-disinfection units. The tiny 16mm diameter of the lamp is an extremely compact design and has the ability to design with various options. The Philips ultraviolet Lamp has almost constant UV output over its entire lifespan & provides the highest level of security in the disinfection of water.

philips uv lamp


  • Philips UV Lamp is best for Kent or Pureit and Dolphin and Tata Swatch or Aquaguard water purifier
  • UV-C Light category
  • Imported Philips UV tubes for UV based Water Purifier
  • Length of the product is 8 inch
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2. Tribucan 11w Ultraviolet lamp All RO Water Filter

tribucan 11w uv lamp


  • A high-performance ultraviolet lamp kills bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms in any water sources.
  • High quality that is extremely durable and designed to purify your drinking water.
  • Utilizes natural quartz sleeves to shield the lamp and permit the most UV light to penetrate and clean the water
  • Easy and quick installation needs just two water connections and one electrical connection.
  • length of UV lamp is 8 inch
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3. Konvio Neer 11w UV Lamp + UV Chamber +Adaptor for All RO Water Purifier

konvio neer 11w uv lamp


  • Konvio NeerUV lamp is high quality & durable ultraviolet lamp. It purifies 100% of your drinking water by using ultraviolet technology.
  • A high-performance ultraviolet lamp destroys 99.99% of the bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms.
  • It uses natural quartz sleeves to shield the lamp and permit UV light to penetrate and clean the water.
  • Easy and quick installation, You need just two water connector and one electrical connection.
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Others UV Lamp List:

Product DetailsImage
1. RRPURE Set of 4 Ultraviolet Lamp of 11 W for All RO Water Filter
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rrpure uv lamp
2. Philips Ultraviolet Lamp (4 Watt 6 inch Height)
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philips uv lamp
3. Konvio Neer Set of 4 Ultraviolet Lamp/Light of 11 W for All RO Water Filter
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konvio neer uv lamp


Q. What is UV Lamp?

Ultraviolet lamps have a tiny amount of mercury. When an extremely high voltage is applied to the electrodes, the initial gas in the lamp is ionized. The temperature rises; this causes mercury to be excited and causes a high-temperature plasma arc, which releases the UV light.

Q. How does UV Lamp work?

The energy of UV is present within the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation in between visible light and x-rays. It is best defined as invisible radiation. The UV rays must strike the cells to destroy microorganisms. The UV energy enters the outer cell membrane, then passes through the cell’s body and destroys DNA, thereby stopping reproduction. The UV treatment doesn’t alter the chemical properties of water. Nothing is added except for energy. The microorganisms that are sterilized are not eliminated from the water. UV disinfection cannot take out organics, inorganics, or particles that are present in water.

Q. What should I consider when choosing the best UV lamp for water purifier?

Germicidal UV-C Light Bulb (Lamp) for water purifier. These lamps are the ones with the shortest wavelengths, making them the most efficient.

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