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Essay on Save Water

Water is the most precious and important natural resource on Earth. It is essential for all living things. Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, but only 3% is freshwater. Two-thirds of fresh water is found in frozen glaciers or ice caps. The rest of the water is available as groundwater or surface water.

Water is used for multi-purposes. It is used for irrigation in agriculture, drinking, cooking, and cleaning as well as other domestic purposes. Water is used industrially as a solvent, coolant, and in other manufacturing processes. It is used to generate hydroelectricity. All points show that water is an essential part of life, and every drop of it is vital for survival. So, water conservation is essential to sustaining life on the planet.

Importance of water in our life

  • Water is used for drinking, cooking, bathing and irrigation. It can be used in hospitality and factories.
  • We need water to function our internal body parts. It improves blood circulation and metabolism.
  • All aquatic ecosystems are located in water.
  • After air and land, we are user water is the main source of transportation.

This is a great example that every person understands the importance of water.

Reasons for Shortage of Fresh Water

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  • Population growth leads to excessive water consumption.
  • Extra water wastage every day.
  • Rapid development of industries & disposal of their waste materials has become a major problem.
  • Water is polluted by sewage waste, which is discharged into rivers. This makes the water unsafe for drinking and washing.
  • Freshwater is also polluted by pesticides and chemical fertilizers used to control crops.
  • Another reason for water scarcity in the world is global warming. Multiple studies show that global warming will cause more water scarcity.

It is important to identify the hazards of water loss and take appropriate measures to stop.

Water Conservation: Urgent Need

Extreme weather conditions make water scarcity a common problem in many places. This results in less rainfall and depletion of groundwater. In other regions of the world, groundwater is either unusable or overused. Groundwater scarcity is a result of overuse and increased globalization.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, many people do not have access to safe, clean water. These situations are worsening daily, and we need to take immediate steps to address them. Many collective actions must be taken by individuals & the governments of all countries to control water wastage.

Government should make strict guidelines for water conservation. Both the government and the citizens should be proactive in promoting the “conservation” of water. India’s Modi government launched the program to work towards a better future.

Some state governments have taken initiatives to:

  • The Punjab government has helped conserve water resources by preventing waterlogging and fixing drain leakages.
  • The Rajasthan government took the initiative to make small ponds. It has been a great help to the people of Rajasthan.
  • Villages in Telangana have constructed water tanks to store rainwater for future use.

These states serve as an example and should inspire others to take action to conserve and clean aquifers and groundwater. Every person in the world should take responsibility for water conservation. There are many ways to conserve water and reduce pollution.

Take responsibility for water conservation every day. Remember to use only the water you need and don’t waste it.

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