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Drinking water quality plays a major role to stay healthy for long life. If you drink underground water, municipality water or water from an RO purifier that is not a matter, The matter is the quality of the drinking water you drink. Sometimes observe that the RO purifier was given poor water if you are not maintaining it for a long time or may have a technical issue.

The main point is, you need to check your drinking water quality & if it is under the safe limit, that is good for your health. First, we need to see the standard drinking water parameter limit, then discuss more this point.

Standard Drinking Water Parameter limit in India

Sl NoCharacteristicAcceptable limit
01pH6.5 – 8.5
02Turbidity (NTU), Max01
03TDS (Total Dissolve Solid) mg/l, Max500
04Calcium (as Ca), mg/l, Max75
05Chloride (as Cl), mg/l, Max250
06Copper (as Cu), mg/l, Max0.05
07Fluoride (as F) mg/l, Max1.0
08Iron (as Fe), mg/l, Max0.3
09Magnesium (as Mg), mg/l, Max30
10Total alkalinity as calcium carbonate, mg/l, Max200
11Total hardness (as CaCO3), mg/l, Max200
12Zinc (as Zn), mg/l, Max5

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The Parameter shows that we can drink a wide range of water parameters & it is safe to drink. Now the question is the whole parameter analysis at home does not possible for normal people without chemistry knowledge & laboratory cost are also too high to check all parameters.

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The RO water purifier can remove 85 – 95% impurities from any source of water. Supposed, your water TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level is 1000 ppm & Hardness 300 ppm in your location. After using RO water purifier the TDS level comes down to 50 to 150 ppm & the Hardness of 15 to 45 ppm depending on your water purifier capacity. Equally other harmful impurities like Fluried, Iron, Arsenic, bacteria & viruses can remove from the water.

Parameter of drinking water from RO

The parameter of drinking water from RO depends on the source of your feed water quality. The RO (Reverse membrane) can remove 85 to 95 % impurities from the water. Its working capacity is up to 2000 ppm TDS level. Some RO membranes also work in the high TDS level.

The RO water parameter varies depending on your feed water quality. if you feed high TDS water the outlet water is also high but it does not cross the standard drinking water parameter limit.


I recommend to drink water from RO water purifier if you are not sure about your water quality & parameter. The municipality water is treated water but it is transferred through a long pipeline, so sometimes it is contaminated in the portion of pipeline leakage or broken. The underground water is safe if it meets the standard drinking water parameter limits.

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