Low TDS Water Side Effects

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Low TDS water has several side effects on your health. Low TDS water taste means sweet taste water, so we prefer to drink it without thinking about the negative impact.

Low TDS Water Side Effects

  • Low amount intake of calcium and magnesium mineral from low TDS water drinking.
  • Low intake of other essential mineral and microelements.
  • Direct effects of low TDS <50 mg/l water on the metabolism and mineral homeostasis or other body functions.
  • Food preparation with low TDS water also causes of deficiency of essential minerals from the water.
  • Low TDS water is very hungry; this water tends to dissolve any particle in the water, so storing low TDS water in a plastic bottle or jar can dissolve microplastic in the water. This microplastic water can leads to serious health effects.

We know any life can’t be lived without water. Drinking water is an important part of our daily life & we need to drink 3-4 litres of water daily. The WHO report recommended that the minimum TDS in drinking water should be 100 mg/litre. Water is not only fulfilled the body fluid requirement, but it is also a source of essential minerals.

Our body takes essential minerals like calcium, Magnesium, sodium, and iron from the water but if we remove them completely, our body suffers from a deficiency of these minerals.

Water TDS less than 300 mg/liter is suitable for drinking as per WHO and TDS less than 500 mg/liter is acceptable as per “Bureau of India Standards”. So, You use an RO water purifier if water TDS is higher than 300 mg/liter otherwise UV+ UF water purifier is perfect for removing microorganisms & viruses.

Drinking Water Quality Based on TDS

TDS Level (mg/l)Rating
Less than 300Excellent
300 – 600Good
600 – 900fair
900 – 1200Poor
Above 1200Unacceptable


Always package drinking water or RO water drink is not safe for your health. You need to check TDS of your supply water quality , if you seen you need RO technology to meet the desire water quality, than go with it.

The UF & UV technology does not reduce any TDS level from the water, it will remove suspended particle & micro organism from the water.

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