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Water is a universal solvent, and most substances tend to dissolve. It may be chemicals, metals, salts, minerals and other contaminants (total soluble solids). Supposed you used municipality water for a drink, but you don’t know before it reaches you it goes through its own filtration process, it may become contaminated during transmission before it comes to your tap. The pipeline that carries this water maybe some area weak and mixed with external pollution. This article, ” water Purifier Buying Guide”, helps you choose the right purifier for your home.

In many cases, the drain line is very close to the water pipe, which throws the water into a dangerous situation. The rainy time makes the situation very worse. Considering the total dissolved solids is a scale to measure the presence of mineral & other impurities in the water.

Drink to pure water is essential for your health & family health. First, you need to understand what type of filter you need for your home. The correct arrangement of filters must be chosen based on the source of the drinking water. Let’s look at three possible sources of water we drink municipal water, groundwater and water from mixed sources.

Water Purifier Buying Guide:

Source of Water:

The source of water is vital to consider the TDS (total dissolved salt) present in the water. TDS is determined in ppm (parts per million). The main criteria to select the water purifier to know the water quality. The quality of measure is dependent on the TDS level of water & the Cleanness of water. The common impurities in the water are as follows,

Impurities in the water:

  • Un-dissolved particle in the water such as sand and mud.
  • Dissolved inorganic salts like Sodium & Potassium.
  • Dissolved inorganic compounds like Calcium & Magnesium.
  • Biological impurities like bacteria. Viruses & Microorganism.
  • Other harmful impurities pesticides, Arsenic & Radium etc.

The different water filtration technology used a different company in their different model of the product. The range of main product goal to meet water quality.

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Water Filtration Technology Used:

  • Sediment filtration
  • pre-filter
  • UF (Ultrafiltration)
  • MF (Microfiltration)
  • RO (Reverse osmosis)
  • ACF (Activated Carbon Filter)
  • TDS Controller
  • MTDS (Manually Total Dissolve solid controller)
  • UV (Ultraviolet)

Filter & its Working:

Sl NoFiltration Using Purpose
1.pre-filter, Sediment filtrationRemoving undissolved particle in the water such as sand and mud.
2.UF (Ultrafiltration),
MF (Microfiltration)
It can remove 70% – 80% microorganisms and suspended particle.
3.RO (Reverse osmosis)Remove 95% TDS (Total Dissolve solid)
4.ACF (Activated Carbon Filter)Remove bad smell & enrich the water taste.
5.TDS Controller,
MTDS (Manually Total Dissolve solid controller)
This system controls the outlet water TDS level. As per your requirement, you can up & down water TDS level.
6.UV (Ultraviolet),
Kill 99.99% virus, Bacteria & microorganism.

Additional Feature:

Sl NoFeaturePurpose
1.Zero WastageThis is an additional feature & does not mandatory. This feature pumping purifier wastage water to overhead tank.
2.Active CopperThis feature provides copper added water.
3.Mineral CartageMineral cartage provides enrich mineral water.
4.Alkalinity cartageAlkalinity cartage increased the water pH above 8.0

Water Purifier Selection Guide :

As per India, drinking water standers parameter limit TDS level 500 mg/l is acceptable & safe for drinking. If you are not analysing TDS in your home supply water, you need to analyse it first. TDS analysis is very easy with a TDS meter—no need for any laboratory knowledge. A portable TDS meter can do it within a minute.

The partable TDS meter cost around 200 to 300 rupees & it’s available on the online store.

After complication of TDS analysis, you can follow the below table to select a water purifier based on requirement.

Sl No.Water QualityTDS RangeWater Purifier Selection Guide
1Clean & Good smellLowNon-Electric -Gravity Water Filter
Electric purifier– UF + UV
2Clean & bed smellLowElectric purifier– UF +UV +ACF
3Dirty & bed smellLowElectric purifier– Prefilter +Sediment filter+UF + UV+ACF
Sediment filter+UF +RO+MTDS+ UV
4Clean & Good smellHighElectric purifier– UF +RO+ UV
5Clean & bed smellHighElectric purifier– UF +RO+ACF+ UV
6Dirty & bed smellHighElectric purifier– Prefilter +Sediment filter+UF+ RO+ACF+ UV

This table helps you to select the correct water purifier for your home or office. The right water purifier buying guide gives an idea to select the perfect purifier & save money.

I listed out some best quality product after several hours of spending on research online & offline product.

Portable TDS Meter for easy analysis:

Sl No.Product DetailsImage
01.Hi-Tech TDS Meter:
* This meter suitable for pool and aquarium and coral wall tank, water ionizer, water filter. Drinking water and much more.
* Measurement range: 0-9990 ppm
hi tech tds meter
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02.Digital LCD TDS Meter:
* This TDS tester is easy to use for any person. It has a clean screen with high-sensitivity water testing readable digital display. Includes a protective case free for safely store & carry.  
cpex tds meter
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* KONVIO NEER is a portable TDS meter & easy to carry one place to another place. We can also check the water in field location. Easy to operation on/off facility. Skill & non-skill person quickly test the water on this meter.
konvio neer tds meter
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Best Non-Electric Water Purifier for low TDS:

Sl NoProduct DetailsImage
01.Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier:
• Chemical free 100% purification and double storage capacity of 20 litres.
• It completes filter of bacteria, viruses and cysts.
• Suitable for TDS up to 350 mg/l.
Aquaguard Amrit
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02.Tata Swach Non-Electric Cristella Plus 18-Litre:
The Tata Swatch Crystalla Plus is an attractive storage purifier for modern homes. Its silver nanotechnology effectively destroys bacteria and viruses according to Eusepa guidelines. No electricity or running water required.
Tata Swach Cristella Plus
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03.KENT Gold Optima 10-Litres Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier:
• Hole fiber purification by ultrafiltration membrane.
• UF membrane: 0.1 micronhole fiber hydrophilic UF membrane; Expected life of UF membrane: 4000 litres.
• Transparent tank made of continuous ABS food-grade plastic.
KENT Gold Optima
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Best UF+ UV Water Purifier for low TDS:

Sl no.Product DetailsImage
01.Aquaguard Water Purifier (Deluxe UV+):
• Suitable for TDS level up to 200 mg / liter.
• UV e-boiling technology boiling water for 20 minutes to ensures that every drop of water is as healthy and safe.
• Retains the essential minerals in your water through mineral guard technology.
deluxe uv water purifier
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02.Aquaguard Water Purifier (Enhance NXT UV+UF):
• Activated copper technology provides the beauty of copper in water.
• Dual UV + UF promises healthy and crystal clear water.
• Mineral guard technology retains the essential minerals in your water.
eureka forbes uf uv
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03.KENT Maxx Water Purifier (UV +UF)
• Multiple purification processes are first performed by UV, completely filtering out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts by an empty fiber UF membrane.
• The activated carbon pre-filter in the purifier provides pure water that reduces bad taste and odor which is healthy, tasty and suitable for drinking.
kent maxx
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Best RO+UF+ UV Water Purifier for High TDS:

Sl No.Product DetailsImage
01.KENT Pristine Plus Water Purifier (RO + UV + UF + TDS Control)
• Multiple purification process of RO + UV + UF + TDS control makes 100% pure drinking water. This purifier ensure dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluoride, bacteria and viruses free from water.
• This water filter comes with Save Water technology, which reduces wastage compared to conventional RO purifiers.
Kent Pristine Plus
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02.Aquaguard Water Purifier Delight (RO+UV+MTDS):
• Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS) by gives you completely safe and delicious drinking water at all times. MTDS is able to adjust the taste of water.
• This water purifier has 7 litre storage tank.
• Smart LED indicator shows power on, purification on, full tank status.
aquaguard delight
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03.Pureit Water Purifier (Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV):
• Advance 6 stages purification (RO+UV) ensure you drink safe & sweet water.
• An extremely compact and smooth device that fits with any kitchen.
• 100% RO purified water ensure to remove harmful chemicals like lead, mercury etc & UV kill all type of microorganisms.
pureit classic
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TOP Quality Water Purifier for high TDS:

Sl No.Product DetailsImage
01.Pureit Water Purifier Eco Water Saver (RO+UV+MF):
• 7 stages with 100% RO purified water ensure to remove harmful chemicals like lead, mercury etc & UV kill all type of microorganisms.
• The Pureit Eco water saver offers the best 10-litre storage, so you always have instant access to safe and pure water throughout the day for a learge family, even during a power outage.
pureit eco
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02.Aquaguard Water Purifier Reviva RO + UV + UF + TDS with Active Copper:
RO + UV + UF + TDS regulator with active copper uses many filters to remove salts and germs in multiple stages.
Purification Module: Activated Copper Cartridge, I-Filter, Chemical-Block, Mineral Guard, Reverse Osmosis Cartridge, UV Chamber, Ultra-Filtration.
Aquaguard Water Purifier Reviva
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03.Kent Grand Plus is 7 stage purifier with Zero Water Wastage:
• Seven-stage water purification.
• Water filter change warning and UV (Ultraviolet) failure alarm.
• Inbuilt UV transmission water storage tank.
• Zero water Wastage technology restores more than 50% of water & sends back the reject water to the overhead tank.
• The TDS control regulator maintains essential minerals in pure water.
kent grand plus
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You can select one purifier based on your water quality. The different purifier is designed for the different quality of water.

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