Are you thinking to buy the best ro water purifier in 2023? This article will show you how to find the best water purifier for home or office use. I have shown the best RO water purifiers currently available in India.

Why RO Water Purifier is Essential?

Water is vital to our life, and without pure and clean water, we can not be healthy. Water is a universal solvent & It tends to dissolve any particle. Because of this ability, water can dissolve many contaminants and harmful substances.

For a reason, it makes the water impure and unfit for drinking. This contaminant may be bacteria or microorganisms & the result comes diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid etc. Chemical contaminant water can lead to water-borne diseases.

First, we need to know the drinking water standard parameter limit & also stop water pollution. If water is chemical & bacteria-free, then we don’t need the purification system, but our modern lifestyle & chemical industry was entirely responsible for that.
To save yourself from these harmful chemical & microorganisms, buy the best RO water purifier for home is a solution. Many companies are trying to develop the best water purifiers in India.

Our Best Choice

Top Feature

kent grand plus

Kent Grand Plus

Kent Grand Plus is the most effective water purifier on the Indian market. It is equipped with the most recent features, including RO, UF, in-tank UV Disinfection,TDS controller and the zero-wastage technique. It is possible to use this water purifier to treat any water. Its unique feature is auto-flushing, which can extend the RO membrane’s time. This product comes with a 1-year guarantee and three years of service for free AMC worth the amount of Rs. 3,000.

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Best Budget

new aquaguard delight

Aquaguard Delight NXT (New)

Aquasure Delight is a low-cost water purifier with multi-stage purification which delivers pure, delicious, and safe drinking water. It’s a seven-stage water purifier with a MTDS technology-based & e-boiling feature water boiled for over 20 minutes. The taste adjuster helps provide sweet-tasting water, irrespective of the water source.

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livpure glo pro 1

Livpure GLO PRO++

Livpure GLO PRO++ RO+UV+UF+ Taste Enhancer is an elegant and compact seven-stage purifier. The RO UV, UF, and Triple-layered Purification provide the safest drinking water regardless of the source. It features an RO membrane that is highly efficient which can treat water up to 2000 ppm of TDS. The cost of this water is minimal and can be used to buy middle-class families.

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Our Top Picks RO Water Purifier list with Price

We will begin by looking at the list of best water purifiers by the most renowned purifiers in India. This overview and cost list for these purifiers has been created. This will let you examine the different water purifiers based on their price and pick a purifier that will fit your budget.

new aquaguard delight

(New) Aquaguard Delight NXT
Price (Rs) – 9,499/-

Purification Technology – RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS (7 Stages of purification/ 6 liters water storage tank/ e-boiling water boiled for over 20 minutes/Dispenses water without electricity/Smart LED Indication/ Energy Saving Mode)
kent grand plus

Kent Grand Plus
Price (Rs) – 18,490/-

Technology: RO + UV+ UF+ TDS Control+ Zero Wastage (Storage Capacity: 9L/Seven-stage purification/Water filter change and UV failure alarm/TDS controller/ Zero water Wastage technology)
aquaguard amaze nxt

 Aquaguard Amaze NXT
Price (Rs) – 8,499/-

Purification technology: RO+UV+Taste Adjuster MTDS (Storage Capacity: 6 liter/Advanced Taste Adjuster/UV e-boiling/Smart Design and LED Indicators/Suitable for all water sources)
havells aquas

Havells Aquas
Price (Rs) – 9,999/-

Technology: RO + UF (7liter/5 stage purification/Removable transparent tank/ 3 way mounting options/ Activated carbon filtration/ 1 year comprehensive warranty)
livpure glo pro 1

Livpure GLO PRO++
Price (Rs) – 10,999/-

Technology: RO+UV+UF+ Taste Enhancer (7 stage advanced purification/Taste Enhancer/TDS limit 2000 mg/liter max/7 liter storage capacity/Purification capacity 15 liter/hr)
hul pureit vital plus

HUL Pureit Vital Plus
Price (Rs) – 14,999/-

Technology: RO+UV+MP (Storage capacity 7 liter/6-stage purification/ FiltraPower technology /Smartsense indicators/
Mineral enhancer cartridge/ECO recovery technology)
blue star aristo

Blue Star Aristo
Price (Rs) – 9,499/-

PurificationTechnology: RO + UV + UF (7 liter/
Water Filtration: 7 stages/Alert System: UV fail, Tank full & Water low-pressure alert/Child lock facility)
blue star excella

Blue Star Excella
Price (Rs) – 10,490/-

Technology: RO + UF+UV ( Triple Layered Protection/Aqua Taste Booster/Tank Full Indicator)
livpure bolt dx

Livpure Bolt DX Ecocare
Price (Rs) – 13,350/-

Technology – RO+UF+Mineraliser+Copper
(7 Stage Purification/ Input water TDS upto 1500 ppm/ Anti-Scalant Technology/ Water storage capacity of 7 litres/ Purification Capacity – 15L/hr/+ The goodness of copper water)
pureit advanced pro mineral

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro
Price (Rs) – 9,890/-

Purification Technology – RO + UV (
6 stages purification/7 liters storage tank/
TDS levels up to 2000 ppm/ Enriches water with essential minerals/ 1-year warranty)
kent supreme plus water purifier

KENT Supreme
Price (Rs) – 14,999/-

Technology: RO + UV+ UF+ TDS Control (
Storage Capacity: 8L/ Six-stage purification/
Auto on & Off/ overflow protection/Inbuilt auto-flushing system/TDS controller)
v guard zenora

V-Guard Zenora
Price (Rs) – 9,998/-

Purification Technology : RO + UV + MB
(7 stages purification/LED Indicators
7 liters water storage tank)

Review of Best RO Water Purifier

The best RO water purifier list was made on hours of research & data we collected from users review feedback, technical specification and obviously value for money.

1. (New) Aquaguard Delight NXT RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS Water Purifier 

new aquaguard delight
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Key Feature:

  • Purification Technology – RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS
  • 7 Stages of purification 
  • 6 liters water storage tank
  • e-boiling water boiled for over 20 minutes
  • Dispenses water without electricity
  • Smart LED Indication
  • Energy Saving Mode

Product Description:

Aquaguard Delight NXT RO+UV+MTDS is a multi-stage water purifier which gives safe and pure drinking water. The compact & modern design will enhance your kitchen aesthetics. The taste adjuster helps provide sweet-tasting water, irrespective of the water source.

It comes with a smart app that notifies you when service is due & allows you to book & reschedule your service appointments. Convenient Features are high storage capacity, LED indication alerts when the tank is full when service is due & when cartridges need replacement, and purified stored water can be dispensed even without electricity.


  • Compact & attractive design
  • Triple protection RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS
  • Cheapest price
  • High customer review point
  • Easy installation
  • 1 Year comprehensive warranty on all parts


  • 6 liter water storage tank does not sufficient for large family.

2. Kent Grand Plus Zero Water Wastage RO Water Purifier

Kent Grand Plus is one of the best RO water purifier for home in the water filtration industry. This product was designed for Zero water wastage.

kent grand plus
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Key Feature:

  • Storage Capacity: 9L
  • Technology: RO + UV+ UF+ TDS Control+ Zero Wastage
  • Seven-stage water purification
  • Purification Rate: 20L/hr Max
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic Material
  • Water filter change and UV failure alarm
  • TDS control regulator maintains essential minerals
  • Zero water Wastage technology saves 100% of water
  • 1-year warranty + 3 years free service available

Product Description:

The Mineral ROTM technology uses TDS regulators to help retain essential natural minerals in pure water, providing 100% pure and mineral-rich drinking water.

The multiple purification processes of RO + UF + TDS control + UV transmission in the storage tank makes the drinking water 100% pure and suitable for drinking. This is the best RO water Purifier & it removes dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluoride and kills bacteria and viruses to attract water.

This water purifier has an in-tank UV transmission feature. The UV LED in the storage tank keeps the pure water pure for a long time. This Water Purifier comes with Zero wastewater technology. The reject water pumping to the overhead tank using its own pump.

Kent’s award-winning growth is shining evidence of global audiences’ unprecedented reach and acceptance. Kent has received many national and international awards and recognitions.


  • Large size storage tank
  • Effective UV transmission
  • In-built TDS controller
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic Outer Cover
  • Short purification time
  • Save water technology


  • High cost

3. Aquaguard Amaze NXT RO+UV+Taste Adjuster(MTDS)

aquaguard amaze nxt 1
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Key Feature:

  • RO+UV+Taste Adjuster (MTDS) technology
  • Removes new age contaminants
  • Eliminates viruses & bacterias
  • E-boiling ensures safe water
  • Suitable for all water sources
  • 6L storage capacity
  • LED indication alerts
  • Purified water dispensed without electricity
  • Flexible installation options
  • Saves up to 60% water

Product Description:

The Aquaguard Amaze NXT RO+UV+Taste Adjuster (MTDS) is a 6L water purifier with 7 stages of purification that is suitable for all water sources, including borewell, tanker, and municipal water.

The technology used in this purifier is designed to remove new age contaminants like lead, mercury, and arsenic while eliminating viruses and bacterias. The UV e-boiling feature ensures that every drop of water is as healthy and safe as water boiled for 20 minutes. The Taste Adjuster (MTDS) provides sweet-tasting water by adjusting the taste depending on the source of the water.


  • 6L High Storage Capacity.
  • Purified Water Without Electricity.
  • LED Indication Alerts.
  • Flexible Installation.
  • Saves Water up to 60% water compared to other ordinary water purifiers.


  • Not found based on its feature & price.

4. Havells Aquas RO+UF Water Purifier

havells aquas 1
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Key Feature:

  • RO+UF purification
  • 5 stage filtration
  • Dual mineral & bacteriostatic enhancer
  • Removable transparent tank
  • Hygiene zero splash faucet
  • 3 way mounting options
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Comes with user manual & installation kit
  • Compact design
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty

Product Description:

The Havells Aquas 7 Litre RO+UF water purifier is a compact and efficient solution for clean and safe drinking water. With a 5 stage filtration system, including RO and UF purification, this purifier removes impurities and enhances the taste of water with its dual mineral and bacteriostatic enhancer.

The transparent tank is removable and easy to clean, while the hygiene zero splash water flow controller faucet prevents contamination. The purifier also comes with an installation kit and user manual for easy setup.


  • Hygiene zero splash water flow controller faucet.
  • Taste Enhancer.
  • 5 stage filtration system, including RO and UF.
  • Easy to Clean for removable transparent tank.


  • The 3 way mounting options may not be suitable for all users.

5. Livpure GLO PRO++ Water Purifier (RO+UV+UF+ Taste Enhancer)

livpure glo pro 1
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Key Feature:

  • Technology: RO+UV+UF+ Taste Enhancer
  • 7 stage advanced purification
  • Taste Enhancer
  • TDS limit 2000 mg/liter max
  • 7 liter storage capacity
  • Purification capacity 15 liter/hr
  • Insect proof water storage tank

Product Description:

Seven stages of purification ensure purified and safe drinking water. You get free of harmful bacteria, viruses and particles. Mineraliser adds vital minerals that aid in protecting the immune system.

It is design and colour complement the style of the kitchen. LED indicators show the filter’s life, UV Sterilization status, water leakage, and purification status. 7 L of the capacity of storage is ideal for 4 -5 member families.

This innovative water purifier uses a flavor enhancer to make your water taste great, regardless of the input water TDS. Whether you’re looking for healthy and pure water to drink or want to make sure your family is getting the best tasting water possible, Livpure GLO PRO is the perfect solution.


  • Budget-friendly best quality water purifier
  • Compact & sleek design
  • Product quality and looks super
  • Easy installation and excellent quality


  • No cons were found based on its features compared with the price.

6. HUL Pureit Vital Plus RO Water Purifier

hul pureit vital plus 1
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Key Feature:

  • Technology: RO+UV+MP
  • FiltraPower technology
  • Proven to remove toxic substances
  • Smartsense indicators
  • Mineral enhancer cartridge
  • ECO recovery technology
  • Advanced 6 stage purification
  • Purifies all water sources
  • Efficient UV sterilization
  • Longer filter life

Product Description:

The HUL Pureit Vital Plus Mineral RO+UV+MP 6 Stage, 7L water purifier is an advanced solution for safe and clean drinking water. This purifier is proven to remove toxic substances and provide safe drinking water with FiltraPower technology.

The smartsense indicators warn you 15 days before the filter expiry and stop the water flow automatically if the filter is not changed. The mineral enhancer cartridge enriches water with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to enhance the taste of your water.

The ECO recovery technology delivers efficient purification, resulting in a high water recovery of up to 60%.


  • FiltraPower technology ensures that the water you drink is safe and free from toxic substances.
  • Smartsense indicators help you keep track of the filter’s lifespan.
  • Mineral enhancer cartridge.
  • ECO recovery technology saving up to 80 glasses of water daily compared to ordinary ROs.


  • The purifier is only suitable for TDS up to 2000 PPM.

7. Blue Star Aristo RO Water Purifier

Blue Star Aristo
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Key Feature:

  • Technology: RO + UV + UF
  • Storage Capacity: 7L
  • Seven stage water purification
  • Water filtration capacity 12 l/hr
  • Alert System: Tank full alert, UV fail Alert & Low-pressure alert
  • Security: Child lock facility
  • Indicator to highlight the purification process

Product Description:

Triple-layered RO + UV + UF protection is safe without compromise to guarantee the water you consume. RO removes the dissolved impurities, microorganisms, heavy metals and radioactive compounds, while UV neutralizes bacteria, cysts and infections.

Aqua Test Booster (ATB) utilizes calcite media which helps and enhances the taste to keep the optimal pH level of the water, thus improving your drinking water experience.

Copper charge activated carbon removes odours, smells and unstable natural compounds from water & also has anti-bacterial properties.

The compact size will help fit your kitchen area or office. The water purifier inbuild the safety alert of tank full, UV fail and inlet water pressure low make easy to handle.


  • Aqua Flavor Booster.
  • 6 stage purification with RO + UV
  • Child lock button.
  • Low-pressure alert and UV fail alert.
  • low budget best RO water purifier.


  • Not Found

8. Blue Star Water Purifier Excella (RO + UV + UF)

blue star excella
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Key Feature:

  • Triple-Layered RO+UV+UF Protection
  • 7-stage Purification
  • Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)
  • Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon
  • 6 Litres Large Tank
  • Super Fine Sediment Removal
  • Tank Full Indicator
  • Purification Rate: 12 l/hr

Product Description:

The 7-stage purification process is pre-filter, pre-carbon, sediment filter, RO membrane, UF membrane, post-carbon filter with ATB, and UV lamp can completely remove all impurities from water.

Aqua Test Booster (ATB) uses calcite media to enhance the taste and maintain the optimal pH level of the water, thus enriching your drinking water experience.

Copper impregnated activated carbon removes odours and volatile organic compounds from water and has anti-bacterial properties.


  • Seven stages purification
  • Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon
  • Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) improve the water taste.


  • Water filtration capacity 12 liters per hour.

9. Livpure Bolt DX Ecocare RO+UF+Mineraliser+Copper

livpure bolt dx
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Key Feature:

  • Technology – RO+UF+Mineraliser+Copper
  • 7 Stage Purification
  • Input water TDS upto 1500 ppm
  • Anti-Scalant Technology
  • Water storage capacity of 7 litres
  • Purification Capacity – 15L/hr
  • The goodness of copper water

Product Description:

Smart TDS technology improves the taste of the purified water and water-saving technology can help to save water up to 20,000 litres every year. The water purifier input water TDS limit up to 1500 ppm.

Anti-Scalant Technology is used to reduce scale formation in RO Membrane. This results in a higher purification efficiency and a longer life RO membrane.

The purification system uses a mineralised to ensure the water has the right amount of minerals like potassium, magnesium and other essential minerals. Purified water containing copper boosts immunity, aids weight reduction and improves digestion. Magnesium improves exercise performance, supports sleep quality, and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.


  • Anti-Scalant Technology enhance the RO membrane life.
  • It gives mineral enrich & copper water
  • Good product with low budget compared to other purifiers


  • Input water TDS upto 1500 ppm

10. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV water purifier

pureit advanced pro mineral
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Key Feature:

  • 6-stage purification process
  • Enriches water with essential minerals
  • Sleek black design
  • 7-liter capacity
  • Low power consumption (36 watts)
  • Smart Power Saving Mode
  • Can handle TDS levels up to 2000 ppm
  • Food-grade engineered plastic tank
  • Free installation provided
  • 1-year warranty coverage

Product Description:

The HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV water purifier, designed to provide you with pure and sweet drinking water. This purifier utilizes a 6-stage purification process to ensure 100% RO water, enriching it with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to enhance its taste and quality.

The purifier is a sleek black color with a capacity of 7 liters. With a power consumption of only 36 watts and the ability to operate without a voltage stabilizer, this purifier also features a Smart Power Saving Mode to help you conserve energy.

It can be used to treat water from multiple sources, including borewells, tankers, or tap water, and can handle TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. The material tank is made of food-grade engineered plastic, ensuring the safety and purity of the water.

The HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV water purifier also comes with an installation kit and an external sediment filter, and free installation is provided by the brand. The product is covered under a 1-year warranty.


  • Provides pure and sweet drinking water.
  • 6-stage purification ensures 100% RO water.
  • Enriches water with essential minerals.
  • Can handle various sources of water.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Smart Power Saving Mode.


  • Not suitable for large families.

11. KENT Supreme RO Water Purifier

kent supreme plus water purifier
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Key Feature:

  • Technology: RO + UV+ UF+ TDS Control
  • Storage Capacity: 8L
  • Filtration step: Six-stage water purification
  • Purification Production Rate: 20L/hr Max
  • Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Safety: Auto on/Off, overflow protection & Inbuilt auto-flushing system
  • TDS control: TDS control regulator maintains essential minerals
  • Warranty: one-year warranty + Three years free service

Product Description:

Kent Supreme is a wall-mounted water purifier that uses a three-step cleaning process (UV, UF and RO) that provides fresh and pure drinking water. This multiple purification process makes the drinking water 100% suitable and pure for drinking.

Kent Supreme is the world’s most technologically advanced and future RO water purifier with the invention of the Kent Mineral ROTM with a built-in TDS controller. Best suited for home and workplace, this purifier is perfect for purifying brackish / tap water / municipal corporation water systems.

This water purifier is equipped with an in-tank UV transmission function. The UV light in the storage tank keeps the pure water pure for a long time.

The automatic RO membrane flushing function cleans the surface area of the RO membrane and increases its efficiency.


  • High storage capacity 8 liters
  • Wall-mountable design
  • The TDS regulator will maintain the required minerals
  • Leakproof functionality
  • Fully automatic activity
  • Computer-controlled operation
  • Save water technology


  • High price

12. V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB 7 stage Water Purifier

v guard zenora
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Key Feature:

  • Purification Technology – RO + UV + MB
  • 7 stages purification
  • LED Indicators
  • 7 liters water storage tank

Product Description:

V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB 7 Liter Water Purifier gives you clean drinking water, a fundamental necessity. It improves the taste and removes volatile organic impurities. It can hold up to 7 liters water.

This water purifier is designed for India’s harsh water conditions; V-Guard Zenora has an advanced multi-stage purification system and a unique mineral balancer. This combination ensures that you have years of hassle-free, affordable access to pure water that tastes great and is natural.


  • Made For Indian Water Conditions
  • Free Installation & Free External Pre-Filter
  • True One Year Comprehensive Warranty and Attractive AMC Plans


  • Not found

How to Find the best RO water purifier?

It isn’t easy to find the best water purifier in India from the market as you have many choices. You may have heard of Sediment filter, Activated carbon filter, RO, UV, UF, TDS regulators, minerals, etc. However, it is very confusing for you to select the right water Purifier. First, we need to know the stage of filtration. Second, to know about your water quality, and third, select a purification system.

If you think a costly water purifier means good to others purifier & best for your health. for your kind information it is not for correct information.

For example,

  • Your area water test good means your water TDS level is ok & you need to control only bacteria, Microorganism & suspended particle. Then UF +UV technology is best for your area.
  • Your water test salty or bed that means your water TDS level high & other impurities also dissolve. It would help if you reduced TDS & control virus, bacteria, Microorganism & suspended particle. You need RO +UF +UV +ACF technology for your area.

Buffer Technology

The additional Technology Copper added water, Alkaline water & mineral added water etc. It enhances the water quality but not mandatory to requirement. If your water pH is good, then you don’t need Alkaline cartage. If your water TDS level good after filtration, Then you don’t need Mineral added cartage. Copper is another essential mineral for our health & we can take it differently. So it is not mandatory to choose a water purification system.

Why water purifier is the best choice compared to buying a packaged drinking water ?

Package drinking water means purified water packaged in a plastic bottle. Plastic bottles can contain chemicals like BPA and Phthalates, which can cause harm when combined with water. These chemicals can lead to many health problems, including brain and prostate cancers.

Packaged drinking water is wastage of money. We are buying one liter of packaged water for around 20 rupees. Larger bottles, which can hold 20 litres, may cost between 80 and 100 rupees. Every liter of bottled water costs approximately 4 -5 rupees, even if you consider the price of the 20-liters container.

The package drinking water is not pure as you believe. Many local brands, not so well-known, filter municipal water and put them in bottles. They don’t even bother to treat the water to remove impurities properly.

You know, Nearly 1,000,000 plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the globe. Plastic pollution is one the greatest threats to both humans and animals.

Drinking clean and safe water is essential to stay healthy and free from diseases. When come to the point of home use. The best decision is to use an RO water purifier for drinking. The RO water purifier is 100% safe for drinking from any water source. Costing of water purification is 20 -25 paisa per liter, so it is a good choice to go with an RO water purifier.

Water Purifier Buying Guide

There are many factors to selecting a water purifier based on water quality & requirements of water use. When choosing a water purifier, you must consider the following:

Water supply: This is how you can determine the water quality and properties. This information will help you decide the right water purifier for your home. These are the main sources of water for most Indian households.

  • Groundwater
  • Municipal water
  • Other sources available

Knowing the source of your water supply will help you determine the water’s hardness, TDS, and salinity. TDS, out of all these factors, is the most important. It will help you decide which water purifier is right for you.

Electricity Supply in your Area: India’s manufacturers offer non-electric and electric water purifiers. Non-electric water purifiers can be more affordable than electric ones. This is a crucial factor if your region has an electric problem.

Price: Pricing is an essential factor in your decision to purchase a water purifier. It must be within your budget and provide all the features you want for the price.

Customer Reviews and Complaints: These ratings help future customers to judge the product more accurately and make informed decisions.

Brand Warranty: This is another important aspect to consider. Your water purifier will be repaired or serviced free of charge if it breaks down.

Customer Service: After purchasing a product, you will need to contact the company representatives for assistance. Good customer service will provide prompt responses to your questions and enhance your product experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best water purifier brand?

The top water purifier brands in India are Eureka Forbes (HUL), Kent, Pureit, Blue star, Livpure & Faber. These companies are the leader in technology and innovation in water purifiers. This brand offers a variety of products that are both high-quality and affordable.

Q. What to look for when buying RO water purifier?

  • Good quality After-sales Service
  • best warranty period
  • Spare parts available on the market
  • Offer the best price based on features
  • Free installation & Demo

Q. When should you use RO water purifier?

As per Indian standers drinking water parameter limit is less than 500 mg/ litter TDS ok for drink and as per WHO (World Health Organization), less than 300 mg/litter TDS is right for drinking.

TDS 500 mg/ litter water is suitable for drinking, but the taste of the water is salty. So better you use an RO water purifier if the TDS limit crosses 300 mg/litter.

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