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We all listen about UF water purification  But we don’t know in details about UF filtration process, how is work & what is the limitation of UF filtration. UF filtration is best in certain limitations of water quality. If you are using very high TDS water (>500 mg/litre), you need an RO water purifier; otherwise, a UV UF water purifier is the right selection.

As per India standard water parameter limits, drinking water TDS limit less than 500 mg/litre. So, if you found home water TDS under 500 mg/litre, a UV+UF water purifier is the best choice for your home. If the water TDS level was 500 -2000 mg/litre, you need an RO water purifier to remove TDS from the water.

About UV UF Water Purifier :

What is UV UF Water Purifier? 

UF full form is ultrafilteration. The ultrafiltration is similar to the RO  filtration process, but it is unable to remove TDS. The Ultrafilter (UF) pore size 0.01 micron. That means water particle passes through below 0.01-micron size. This membrane pores size big respect to RO membrane.  UF filtration can remove suspended solids, bacteria & virus from the water.

The UV means ultra violate. During the UV filtration process, the water can passes through the UV chamber.

How does UV UF Water Purifier work?

The UF is constructed with the hollow fibres membrane material.   The water flows inside the membrane and  Suspended solids and solutes of large pore size are held in the membrane surface & clean water passes through the membrane. The UF is a similar category filtration system like RO, nanofiltration & microfiltration system. The only difference is the size of particle hold during filtration. Ultrafiltration is best for the removal of colloids, suspended solids.

Next, the water passes through the UV chamber. The UV (ultra violate) rays kill 99.99% of bacteria & viruses in the water.

Ideal Use of UV UF Water Purifier :

This water purifier is 100% best & suitable for low TDS water. If your house supply of Municipal water or Tap water & water TDS level 300 to 400 mg/ l, then a UV UF water purifier is the best for you. The UF filter complete removing mud, impurities & suspended particles from your tap water. If you added UV & ACF  with ultrafiltration, then it becomes double protection in your drinking water. The  ACF filter removes bed small from water & enrich the water test.

Advantage & Disadvantage of UV UF Water Purifier :

Advantage of UV UF Water Purifier :

The Ultrafiltration system recovery rate 97 – 98 % & it is an eco-friendly water purifier. This water filtration widely uses in-home water filtration & industrial water filtration system. 

  • Ultrafiltration can run with electricity & without electricity. 
  • UF system wastage 2- 3 % water during the filtration process.
  • It can filter high turbidity dirty water very easily.
  • ECO-friendly filtration system.
  • UF remove 99 % of suspended particle.
  • UV kill 99.99 % bacteria and viruses
  • Does not remove essential dissolve minerals in the water.
  • Low maintenance cost & long life.
  • The UF filtration system works at low pressure.
  • Easy use for Home & Industrial area.

Disadvantage of UV UF Water Purifier:

  • UF filtration can’t remove total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • UF filter can’t change taste & small of water.

How to Buy a UF UV Water Purifier:

The best way to buy a UV + UF water purifier is to check the water TDS at home or outside any laboratory. If your water TDS is under 300 mg/l, then definitely go with a UV UF water purifier. If you have still some dought to select a water purifier for your home, I recommended reading our article Complete Guide for Buying A New Water Purifier. In this article, we have selected the best quality UV UF water purifier based on Indian market research.  

UF +UV Water Purifier Review :

1. KENT Maxx UF + UV Water Purifier :

Kent Maxx

Key Feature:

• Storage Capacity: 7L
• Technology: UV + UF
• Filtration step: Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane & UV
• Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
• Life of UV Lamp: 5000 hrs. of operation


• Purification processes: Kent Max can purified water in four stages. The stages are Sediment filter>Activated Carbon filter> UF Membrane > UV. This purifier can completely filtering dead bacteria, viruses and microorganisms by a UF + UV technology.

• Water storage tank: Kent Max has an isolated storage tank & capacity of 7 litres. Designed as wall-mounted, this purifier is suitable for indoor purposes and tap / municipal water supply.

• Activated carbon pre-filter: The activated carbon pre-filter in the purifier provides pure water that reduces bad taste and odour, is healthy, tasty, and suitable for drinking.

• Suitable for low TDS water: Kent Max does not remove dissolved impurities and is suitable for use where inlet water, such as tap or municipal water, has a low TDS (total dissolved solids).

• Auto on/off operation: The Kent Max comes with fully automatic on-off functionality. The purifier shuts off automatically when the storage tank is full and restarts when the water level falls below the maximum.

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  • High purification rate, 60 ltr/hr
  • UV-fail, filter change alert
  • Removal storage tank
  • Low maintenance cost
  • The tank is clear view & detachable is easier to clean in comparison to ultra model


  • Do not found any cons

Who select It?

This filter is suitable for low TDS water. That means if your water test is ok & you need a water filter for suspended particles & kill all bacteria, viruses & microorganisms. It is best water purifier for you. We know the presence of bacteria, or microorganisms in water the result comes diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid etc.

2. Aquaguard Deluxe UV+ Water Purifier :

deluxe uv water purifier

Key Feature:

• UV e-boiling technology boiling water for 20 minutes ensures that every drop of water is as healthy and safe.
• Mineral guard technology maintain all essential mineral.
• Energy-saving Mode available & smart LED indication easy to understand the operation.
• 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


• Multi-stage purification water retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium while guaranteeing water free from particulate matter, natural and inorganic viruses and pollution and bacteria. The UV e-boiling innovation ensures that you drink pure and safe water as the water is boiled for more than 20 minutes.

• One year or 6000-litre long life cartridge life give tress free drinking water for your home or office.

• Suitable for this water purifier on public supply / piped water, applicable TDS: about 200 to 300 mg/litre.

• The mineral guard TM discovers important minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which provide mineral-rich water.

• Smart LED alert system notify you when service is needed or need to change any cartage. The chemical block removes excess chlorine and organic contaminants.

• The auto-stop function that turns off the UV lamp when it is not in use for 10 minutes, thus extending the life of the UV light. This ensures electricity savings which help you reduce bills from month to month.

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  • UV e-boiling technology boiling water for 20 minutes to kill 100% bacteria & viruses.
  • The mineral guard technology provide mineral rich water


  • Not found

Who select It?

The advanced innovation refers to the Aquaguard Deluxe UV + Water Purifier. The feature of UV e-boiling technology ensures that 100 % safe & pure water for drinking. Aquaguard Deluxe UV+ is the best water purifier for purifying tap water or Municipality water (up to 200 -300 mg / L).

3. Aquaguard Enhance NXT UF+UV Water Purifier :

eureka forbes uf uv

Key Feature:

• Activated copper technology provides the beauty of copper in water.
• Dual UV + UF promises healthy and crystal clear water.
• Mineral guard technology retains the essential minerals in your water.
• Countertop and wall mount friendly design.


• Mineral Guard Innovation retains the essential minerals in your water.
• Aquaguard Enhance NXT UV+UF water Purifier is now with activated copper with 7 litre storage tank
• Active copper technology provides an adequate supply of copper in water.
• i-FilterTM removes suspended particles from water. Chemi-block releases excess chlorine and natural contaminants.
• Mineral GuardTM avoids calcium and magnesium deposits.

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  • Supply healthy copper water
  • Mineral guard technology
  • Inbuild Chemi block releases excess chlorine & natural contaminants


  • Without copper water option does not available
  • Cost high for copper technology

Who select it?

Aquaguard Enhance is suitable for those people’s who searching best UF water purifier with the latest technology. It is very best for a five to six-member family. The mineral guard technology maintains the essential mineral in the water & active copper technology maintain every drop of water dissolve copper.

4. Kent Ultra UF + UV Water Purifier with Storage 7L:

Kent Ultra Water Purifier

Key Feature:

• Wall-mounted design to be suited for domestic purposes.
• 60 litres per hour purification capacity.
• 8 litres storage capacity.
• Suitable for purification of tap water and municipal water supply.


• Kent Ultra is brand-new fully automatic UV water purifier with multiple purification methods. This Purifier is a perfect combination for internal function and tap / municipal water supply.

• It Storage uses several filtration processes that work primarily by UV, after which the empty fibre UF membrane completely filters out dead bacteria, cysts and infections. Kent Ultra provides pure drinking water, which is suitable for drinking.

• The Kent Ultra Storage has a storage capacity of 8 litres of pure water. Its high purification capacity of 60 L / h helps supply pure water at a much faster rate, making it readily available to you.

• When the UV lamp is inactive, Kent Ultra Storage notifies you of computer-controlled operation such as UV failure alarm.

• Water Purifier Purifier has a trigger carbon pre-filter that reduces bad taste and odour, thus providing healthy, safe and delicious pure drinking water.

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  • Fast purification 60 litre/hr capacity
  • UV failure alarm
  • Carbon pre-filter that reduces bad taste and odour


  • Looks not so attractive

Who select it?

The Kent Ultra Purifier is a compact and smooth water purifier with the latest best technology. It is fully automatic & suitable for tap / municipal water supply. Kent ultra has a big water storage tank & fast purification capacity of 60 liter/h. This purifier best for a large family, school, College & Office purpose

5. A.O.Smith X2 5 Litre UF + UV water purifier:

AO Smith X2

Key Feature:

• Ultraviolet. Ultra-fine. Ultra-safe- 5stage purification process. For water purified times over.
• UV + UF technology ensures double protection
• Sleek and compact design
• Advance digital display


• Five stage filtration: Sediment filter + fine sediment + carbon block + UV lamp + UF (Ultra Fine).
• UV is a proven non-chemical Kill 100% micro-organism that gives you healthy water. UV with UF guarantees double safety.
• Digital display screen for easy to understand information about the filtration process. Alert in advance when UV lamps need to be replaced.
• It is a nice design smooth design which quickly fits the kitchen cabinets, and its beautiful look complements the interior of the modern kitchen area.
• AO Smith X2 travels through a water sediment filter, Great sediment filter, carbon, UF filter and UV. The UV rays contaminate water by removing waterborne germs such as bacteria and infections, making it healthier to drink.

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  • Digital display screen for easy to understand
  • Advance alert for UV lamp change
  • Five stage purification


  • Only 5-litre storage capacity

Who Select It?

AO Smith X2 has UV with UF (ultra-fine), which ensures double protection. This UV purifier is suitable for community healing water systems (TDS less than 200 – 300 ppm ). It has 5 stages of UV + UF filtration system, which ensures that the way you drink water is fresh, clean, and good for you. 5 litres of pure water storage capacity is best for 2-3 member families.

6. Aquaguard Elite 8L UF + UV water purifier:

aquaguard elite

Key Feature:

• Advanced design and advanced technology inbuild with Aquaguard Elite UV + UF.
• Its active copper technology provides copper wellness in the water.
• Mineral Guard technology maintains the natural essential minerals present in the water.


  • The Innovative Mineral Guard discovers all the essential natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium that help provide the ideal blend of safe and healthy water.
  • Activated copper cartridges stimulate copper ions in water in addition to other important minerals.
  • The UV e-boiling innovation makes your water pure and safe as the water is boiled for 20+ minutes. Protects against viral and bacterial contamination as well as provides clean, crystal clear drinking water.
  • This purifier features a large storage tank of 8L, which ensures the proper supply of water. This is an extraordinary cleaner with a compact and conventional design that enhances the look of your kitchen area.
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  • Active copper technology
  • A large storage tank of 8L
  • UV e-boiling


  • Old design

Who Select it?

The advanced design and advanced technology are best to define Aquaguard Elite UV + UF. It provides optimal filtration through its UV + UF technology. Its active copper technology provides good copper in the water, and the mineral guard technology keeps the essential natural minerals in the water. This is the best technology water purifier within the UF category.

If your water TDS level is very high, Then you go with RO water purifier. RO water purifier can remove TDS level & make it pure & sweet drinking water.

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