Drinking Water Contaminants Reason and Bad Effects on Human Body

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We know the water was playing a major role in every life lived. So, if water was contaminated then easily contaminants go inside to the body. Water is a universal solvent, which means any metal or harmful particle easily dissolves or is mixed in water. In this article, we are discussing the water contaminants list & its effect on the human body.

What are the reasons for water contaminants?

The water can dissolve with more particle to any other liquid on earth. So water called a “universal solvent,”. For a reason, water very easily polluted. The Toxic substances from Industries, cities & wastage from our daily life readily dissolve into and mix it with water. It is the main reason for water pollution.

What is water contaminants?

  1. Physical pollutants: Physical impurities sediment or natural products suspended in the water of rivers, lakes and streams from soil erosion. These kinds of contaminants prevail in city water systems.
  2. Chemical contaminants: The chemical contaminants consist of nitrogen, pesticides, metals, bleach, salts, contaminants produced by bacteria, and animal or human drugs. 
  3. Biological impurities: The microbial or biological pollutants include bacteria, protozoan, viruses and parasites. Biological contaminants can be found in both surface water and city water supply.
  4. Radiological pollutants: The radiological contaminants include uranium, caesium and plutoniumContaminants like these are usually the results of the disintegration of natural deposits.

Drinking water contaminants list:

Biological pathogens:

Aquatic animals can cause illness in humans. These include Cryptosporidium as well as Giardia; Microorganisms. Coliforms and cholera; And flu-like viruses. This organism normally made Unwanted bowel disease. Immunity can be a significant risk for people with disabilities.

Water hardness:

Hard water minerals contain extreme levels of calcium and magnesium. The hard water use of household pipes and it shortens the life of the device. Doing cleaning frequently to increasing efficiency and also decreases water heater.


Nitrogen compounds are sometimes located in groundwater and surface water. In the backwoods, usually as a result of nitrogen-based plant food extraction. Excess nitrate
Degrees can interfere with blood oxygen-carrying capacity, in particular. Babies, and indeed unborn babies, have been linked to high incidences of miscarriages.

Heavy metals:

Metals such as mercury, zinc, copper, and also cadmium usually enter the Water supply as industrial waste and, of course, can cause extreme focus Physiological damage to humans, including major nerve damage.


Usually taking in contaminants associated with cancer cells People. radon erythromycin type is found and is absorbed with alcohol consumption.


Unstable natural substances, such as petroleum distillate benzene and commercial degreasing compound trichloroethylene. High-density VOC is also associated with damage to human organs and cancer.

Low / High pH:

pH refers to “potential hydrogen,” and is a measure of acidity or Alkali on a 14-point scale. The level of acidity in water can be a serious measure destructive, although high alkalinity can be a source of visual problems.


It is natural groundwater pollution, Arsenic has been linked to numerous cancers and can lead to the major and circulatory damaged nervous system.

Effects of water pollution on Human health :

You know many pollutants that may be harmful in drinking water and position a risk to human health. The impurities fall into two groups according to the health impacts that they trigger.

  • Intense effects take place within hours or days of the time that an individual consumes a contaminant. Bacteria and viruses in drinking water, are the pollutants and levels high enough to trigger intense health effects.
  • The majority of people’s bodies can combat these microbial pollutants the way they fight off germs, and these acute pollutants usually do not have long-term effects. Nevertheless, when adequate high levels happen, they can make individuals ill and can be deadly or harmful for an individual. The drinking water pollutants that can have persistent effects consist of chemicals disinfection solvents, pesticides, byproducts radionuclides and arsenic.

My popular article “What is Water?” gives you all answers about water. Hope you read this article & question me if you have any queries.


Our environment two major parts of air & water pollution are increasing gradually day by day. Maximum industry drains their chemical wastage to environment & it mixed to water. Some areas of groundwater do not safe for drinking due to the presence of heavy metal.

If you are an adult person, you need to consume 3-4 litre water daily & this contaminant water is very harmful to your health. My advice to analysis your drinking water in any chemical laboratory & ensure the quality of water. It is a one-time expense & lifetime safe for you & your family health.

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Another option to use a home water purification system. Different type of water purifier is available in the market & RO technology is able to remove up to 99% of impurities from the water.

We all know that golden talk “Health is wealth”. Hope you are ready to spend Rs. 7000/- to 10000/- for the long term good health & safe from water-borne disease. Now best quality RO water purifier is available at an affordable price. I can research a few lists of best quality RO water purifier under Rs. 10000/- rupees.

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