Best 10 Water Purifier Under 10000/- | Expert Review

Are you looking to buy the best ro water purifier under 10000 ?

If your answer is yes, before going to the best quality budget ro water purifier, first, you need to understand RO water purifier is a requirement for high TDS water; otherwise, UV +UF water purifier is sufficient.

As per Indian standard drinking water parameter limits, the maximum TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) limits are 500 mg/litre for drinking, which means if your home supply water TDS is below 500 mg/litre, you don’t need to buy an RO water purifier. The high TDS water test salty & low TDS water test sweet is an easy way to identify low & high TDS water.

The RO water purifier has an RO membrane & its remove 99% of impurities from the water and removes good minerals from the water. Healthy water means pure with enriching good mineral. So, RO water purifier is unnecessary used means your drinking water does not have sufficient mineral.

Now, the big question arises about how to know the water TDS level. We can check the water TDS level through the TDS meter. The TDS meter cost around 200/- 250/- rupees & you can buy it online easily.

If your water TDS level is less than 500 mg/litre, you go with a UV+ UF technology water purifier and if the TDS level is greater than 500 mg/litre, then go with RO+UV+UF technology.

Still, if you have any dought, read this article- Complete Guide for Buying A New Water Purifier.

Now, I will show you 10 option to select the best ro under 10000 rupees for your home. This list was prepared after hours of research from user review with technical specification & the value for money.

Quick view of best RO water purifier under 10000 Rupees:

Sl NoPurifierTechnologyImage
1.Aquaguard Delight
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RO+UV+MTDSaquaguard delight
2.Blue Star Aristo
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RO+UV+UFBlue Star
3.Pureit Advanced Pro
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RO+UVpureit advance pro
4.Blue Star Excella
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RO + UV + UFblue star excella
5.Pureit Classic
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RO + UVpureit classic
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7.Hindware Elara
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RO+UV+UF+MineralHindware Elara
8.Konvio Neer Amrit
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RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjusterkonvio neer amrit
9.Pureit Advanced Plus
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RO + UV + MPpureit ro
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Review of Best RO Water Purifier Under 10000 Rupees:

1. Aquaguard RO Water Purifier Delight (RO+UV+MTDS):

aquaguard delight

Key Feature:

• Water Storage Capacity: 7liter
• Purification Technology: RO / UV / MTDS
• Water Filtration Rate: 15 L/hr
• Food Grade & Non- toxic grade plastics used.
• TDS control system was available for maintaining TDS.
• TDS Inlet Maximum Limit: 2000 mg/ liter
• Auto shut off after storage tank full.
• RO Membrane life 6000 Liter water outlet.


• The TDS regulator adjust the level of the water as your needs. It guarantees that you will always get sweet delicious water.

• The filter cartridge is developed for lasting up to 6,000 litres. If your family 4-5 member buy this filter, this cartridge will last about a year.

• It works with LED signs for running power, filtration process on / off, and a full tank.

• The water Purifier beeps when it detects an error in the UV lamp. This is a beneficial function since UV lamp failure cannot be detected for a long time. Dangerous microorganisms such as germs and viruses may be present in drinking water if UV light fails.

• This purifier smooth design looks attractive. The semi-transparent tank contributes to this is a perfect water purifier.

This is the best ro under 10000 rupees from Aquaguard water filtration company. If your water TDS level high & looking for branded company water purifier within the budget price, this is the first choice for you.

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2. Blue Star Aristo RO Water Purifier with UV+UF:

Blue Star

Key Feature:

• Water Storage Capacity: 7 liter
• PurificationTechnology: RO / UV / UF
• Water Filtration: 7 stages
• Water Purification: Maximum 12 litres/hour
• Alert System: UV fail, Tank full & Water low-pressure alert
• Security: Child lock facility
• TDS Limit: 2000 mg/ liter Maximum.


Blue Star Aristro is a compact and elegant water purifier. It is a 7-stage filtering process: pre-filter> pre-carbon filter> sediment filter> RO membrane> ATB> post-carbon filter > UV lamp> UF membrane.

• It has a filtration capacity of 12 litres per hour maximum. Its high-quality RO membranes are capable of removing approximately 90 -95 % TDS from water.

• Aristro has a 7-litre pure water storage tank. The Aqua Test Booster (ATB) maintains the optimal pH level and enhances the water’s taste. An optimal pH level makes water alkaline which benefits our health.

• The Blue Star Aristro all features to give 100% safe drinking water & it’s unique functions such as Aqua Test Booster and Kid Lock.

This is a budget water purifier with the latest technology & feature.

3. Pureit RO Water Purifier (Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV):

Pureit Advance Pro

Key Feature:

• Water Storage Capacity: 7 litre
• PurificationTechnology: RO / UV / ACF
• Water Filtration: 6 stages
• Water Purification: Maximum 20 litres/hour
• Power saving option available
• Suitable for multiple sources of water.
• TDS Limit: 2000 mg/ liter Maximum.


• This purifier, you can use any source of water in your area.
• The six stages of purification 100% purified your source of water & complete safe for drinking.
• TDS removal up to 2000 mg/lit & make its sweet water.
• The Pureit Advance pro used 100% food-grade plastic.
• Power saving mode saves the electric bill every month.

The Pureit is a popular brand & it is a six stages best ro water purifier under 10000 rupees.

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4. Blue Star Excella (RO + UV + UF) Budget Water Purifier:

blue star excella

Key Feature:

• Triple Layered Protection
• Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon
• Aqua Taste Booster
• Tank Full Indicator
• High Purification Capacity
• Compact Size


Triple-layered Protection (RO / UF / UV) ensures that the water you drink is absolutely safe. The RO membrane removes dissolved impurities, microorganisms & heavy metals. UV removes bacteria and viruses. The UF is separate physical impurities as well as harmful germs such as bacteria and cysts from water.

Copper impregnated activated carbon removes odours; It eliminates odours and volatile organic compounds from water and has anti-bacterial properties.

Aqua Taste Booster (ABT) uses calcite media which enhances the taste and helps maintain the optimal pH level of the water.

• High amount purification capacity, daily 285 liters is suitable for any family.

5. Pureit RO Water Purifier (Classic RO + UV):

pureit classic

Key Feature:

• Storage Capacity: 5L
• Technology: RO + UV
• Filtration step: Six-stage water purification
• Purification Production Rate: 9 – 12L/hr Max
• Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
• TDS Limit: Maximum 1800 mg/liter
• Break-resistance tap installed


• Advanced 6-stage purification Sediment Filter > Pre-RO Carbon Filter > Post-Carbon Sediment Filter > RO Membrane > UV Chamber > Post-RO Carbon Filter.
• Pureit Classic RO + UV works well, and it does not need to be installed. Buying it is a big deal for you and provides good value for your money. The combination of RO + UV with six steps purification buy this purifier for your family.
• The best aspect of this purifier is that it is suitable for medium or small families with a TDS removal capacity of up to 1800 ppm.
• 100% RO ensures that pure water kills all kinds of harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury and UV microorganisms.

6. AQUADOVE Water Purifier Glory RO UV TDS Technology:

AQUADOVE Water Purifier Glory

Key Feature:

• Storage Capacity: 14L
• Technology: RO + UV + TDS Technology
• Filtration step: five-stage water purification
• Purification Production Rate: 9 – 12L/hr Max
• Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
• Stainless Steel UV Chamber


• Aqua Dove Water Purifier, a brand trusted by thousands of Indian families, uses the very best water Purifier systems that meet ISO 9001: 2015 licensed standards.
Aqua Dove offer the best solution on a top priority basis to give you pure and safe water so you can be sure of your family’s health.
• This water purifier is made from high-quality electrical parts with RO UV & TDS control technology supplies complete drinking water.
• Attractive design and compact size make it easy to use in your home or office.
• The RO + UV + TDS advanced water purifier in several purification phases and changed the taste depending upon the water resources. Aqua Dove Water Purifier is an excellent option when you drink germs complimentary, soluble solids (TDS) and pure and pure drinking water.

7. Hindware Elara 7-Liter RO+UV+UF+Mineral Fortification Water Purifier:

Hindware Elara

Key Feature:

• Storage Capacity: 7L
• Technology: RO + UV + UF + Mineral Fortification
• Filtration step: Seven-stage water purification
• TDS Limit: Maximum 1800 mg/litre
• LED Indicator alert system
• Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
• Serving more than 900 cities


• Hindware Elara Water purifier means 7-Super Power; Get 7-stage filtration, safe, healthy and easy access to pure drinking water. Innovative 7-stage filtration with RO + UV + UF + minerals, it delivers efficiently and leaves 100% RO + UV + UF pure drinking water with additional minerals.
• The mineral fortification system has extremely health benefits as it adds important minerals that increase the taste, quality and similarly stabilize the pH of pure water.
• The Super Engineered Super Performance Filter helps to eliminate unwanted odours and chemicals from the water and removes harmful bacteria and viruses that cause disease, making drinking water very safe.
• The water cleanser comes with a 7-litre tank and is suitable for water from all sources with TDS up to 1800 ppm.

8. Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier:

konvio neer amrit

Key Feature:

• Technology: RO + UV + UF
• Purification Capacity: 150 litres/day
• TDS Limit: Maximum 3000 mg/litre
• Special Features: Automatic Shut-Off, Corded, Manua
• Included Components: Pre-Filter, Installation Kit


Purify up to 3000 TDS water input in the water outlet.
• 1-year offsite warranty on electrical parts.
• Paid set up by a qualified professional in location installation. Each set is chargeable and charges 350 / – after setup.
• Make some drinks authentic. Branded UV and alkaline (Bio +) for the best in class purity.
• Comes with a free pre-filter and installation tool package

The Konvio Neer Amrit is the best ro water purifier under 10000 rupees work up to TDS level 3000 mg/litre.

9. Pureit Advanced Plus RO + UV + MP 6 stage Water Purifier:

Pureit Advanced Plus

Key Feature:

• Storage Capacity: 5L
• Technology: RO + MF + MP
• Filtration step: Six-stage water purification
• TDS Limit: Maximum 2000 mg/litre
• Power Saving automatic
• Body Material: 100% Food Grade Plastic


Pureit Advanced Plus Water Purifier ensures the removal of viruses and germs through its innovative 6 stage filtration. RO technology converts impurities water into fresh and pure water. It features an innovative voltage fluctuation guard, so you don’t even need a voltage stabilizer.
You save more energy when it goes into standby mode when its 5-litre tank is filled with pure water.

HUL Pureit Advanced RO + UV + MP 6-stage filtration, TDS elimination 2000pm that converts untreated water into safe and pure water.

Pureit Advanced filtration method ensures that all water travels through RO without mixing pure and impure water so that 100% RO pure water.

10. AQUA LIBRA RO+UV+Uf+Tds Control with Active Copper  Primium Water Purifier:

AQUA LIBRA water purifier

Key Feature:

• Technology: RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller
• Filtration step: Seven-stage water purification
• TDS Limit: Maximum 2000 mg/liter
• Copper technology with pH balance
• Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic


• RO + UV + UF + TDS regulator with copper innovation purification system.
• In addition to the discovery of RO + UV + UF filtering, the pH level of water is well balanced, acidic metabolites and toxins flush from the cellular layer, improving water taste.
Balance, the pH level of water with RO + UV + UF purification with copper technology, flush the acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular layer; the water tastes much better.
• Premium Quality 100 GPD Booster Pump, Imported 80 GPD RO Membrane, LED UV Safety, UF Filter, and Copper Alkaline Technology, ABS Food Grade Plastic Cabinet, this system is designed for a maximum 2000 mg/litre TDS

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