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Are you leaving in a hard water area? Maximum people do not understand hard water.
The definition of water hardness is the amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. The very high amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water becomes hard water. The test of hard water is salty.

Any RO water purifier is able to remove water hardness & make it sweet drinking water.

Millions of people suffer dry skin, skin rash, hair fall, rough hair or dry hair even if they are using branded company soap & shampoo. The reason for these problems is hard water. Hard water scale formation in your washing machine, geyser very first & need maintenance frequently.

All these problems the one point solution is the water softener. The water softener removes calcium and magnesium hardness from the water & makes it soft water.
The Kent Water Softener has a different model for home uses as per daily water volume requirements. You can install a kent water softener for your single bathroom or full house.

Advantages of Kent water softener

Kent water softeners remove harmful minerals & help to prevent mineral deposits on nuts, bolts and other water-wetted components. It extends the life of pipes and home appliances by reducing scale build-up.

Kent water softeners extend the life of shampoos, soaps, laundry detergents, etc., by preventing build-up in hard water.

If, You’ll have softer and brighter clothes without additional laundry detergent or fabric softener. Having a water softener makes our lives easier.

Kent Water Softener Review

1. Kent bathroom water softener 5.5-Litre

Kent bathroom water softener is ideal for individual bathrooms and is especially suitable for multi-storey buildings where water supplied through different heads. It is best to install it on the inlet line of the geyser. Its use helps to keep hair and skin healthy. Also helps keep sanitary fittings and geysers free of deposits.

KENT Water Softener
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  • Easy Installation and Regeneration
  • Easy Two-Step Regeneration
  • Efficient Ion-Exchange Process
  • High-Quality Resin

Expert Review:

• Kent bathroom water softener is very easy to install to your bathroom. Its two-step regeneration procedure is very simple for all people.
• The Kent bathroom water softener uses an efficient ion-exchange method. This ion-exchange method has reduced water hardness by exchanging magnesium and calcium in water with sodium and potassium.
• Water softening works using a 2-step regeneration process, which is easy to implement.


  • Reduces hair and skin damage caused by hard water
  • Low maintenance  & operating  costs
  • Can soften up to 1,000 liters of water per hour
  • No filter or cartridge replacement is required
  • No electricity is required
  • Prevents scaling in bath fittings, geysers and reduces its maintenance costs

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2. KENT Water Softener for Washing Machine 1.8-Litre:

Kent water softener for washing machines converts hard water into soft water, preventing scaling and prolonging your washing machine’s life. You need less detergent in your every wash and extra foam during washing.

Hard water has a very high level of magnesium and calcium, which creates many problems for us, such as low foam formation, pale clothes etc. To avoid this, bring the Kent water softener for home and make sure your washing machine will not face any hard water-related problems.

KENT Water Softener for Washing Machine
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  • Increases the Life of your Washing Machine
  • Increases Washing Efficiency – Reduces Water and Detergent Consumption
  • 4-Step Regeneration Process
  • Easy to install and regenerate

Expert Review:

• The hard water makes your pipe and washing machine drum scaling. KENT Water softener can reduce scaling and extend the life of your washing machine.
• Kent water softener soft water helps you increase your clothes’ whiteness and shine & reduces detergent use for washing your clothes.
• The Kent washing machine employs an efficient ion exchange process to normalize the water. This process converts hard water into soft water by replacing magnesium and calcium salts with sodium.
• Kent water softener uses a non-electrical process with simple 4-step regeneration with separate salt chambers. Users can quickly implement this process on their own using regular table salt.
• This water softener is extremely easy to install and handle. You can quickly regenerate within minutes without any help from technical support.


• Saves energy by up to 20%
• Retains colour and shine of clothes
• Increases lifespan of washing machine
• Reduces detergent usage by up to 50%
• Compact design

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Water Softener Salt Tablet

Softener Pro Salt Tablets For Water Softener

Softener Pro Salt Tablet Water Softener is produced exclusively for the Brine generation. The 99.50% purity of International Standard gives Brine the best performance for your water normalization. Manufactured in India as per International Standard.

salt tablet for softener
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  • High purity salt 99.50% purity
  • Extend your water soft life by using pure salt tablets
  • The best performance of water soft guarantee
  • Smooth round strong salt tablets
  • 100% eco-friendly. 100% recyclable packaging


How to know your home water was hard water?

Hard water can damage pipes, sinks, and even your hair and skin. If you have seen all those symptoms, then you need a water softener for your home. Check yourself under the following points,

  1. Your laundry getting hard
  2. Scale build-up observed in your tub and sync
  3. Washing machine shutting down faster than expected date
  4. Your hair and scalp feel itchy

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