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The RO cabinet body is the frame of any RO water purifier. Here all RO parts are installed step by step. Some time the cabinet body was broken due to slippage from your hand or any accidental damage in your home or office. If your water purifier cabinet was broken & you are facing problems from water leakage or any parts unable to fit there, you may buy a new RO cabinet separately.

We are selecting the 5 best quality cabinet bodies for RO water purifier after several hours of research on this product. You can use these cabinets to assemble a new water purifier.

Best RO Cabinet Body Review

1. Generic RRC RO Cabinet Body for any water purifier

generic rrc ro cabinet

About this item:

  • Perfect for those who are looking for a good quality cabinet body.
  • It was made100% Fresh Food Grade Plastic & fits Indias favourite water purifier brand.
  • The transparent 10-litre capacity storage is easy to see the water level.
  • This body can be used for self-assembly of up to 11 Stage RO / UV/ UF Water purifier.
  • Sophisticated design & unique colour make it more attractive.
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2. PROKLEAN Cabinet Body for Self Assembling of any water purifier

proklean plastic ro cabinet

About this item:

  • It is a Plastic made Cabinet body.
  • Wall mount self-assembling cabinet body is easy to hang any place of your home.
  • This product includes one tap and two body connectors.
  • Water storage capacity of 10 litres is best for a large family.
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3. PSI Plastic Ro Cabinet body11 litres Storage Capacity

psi plastic ro cabinet body

About this item:

  • Ideal for those who are looking to replace their existing body or cabinet for a new assemble.
  • Food-grade plastic make it 100% safe for drinking.
  • India’s favourite water purifier brands are fit very easily.
  • Full transparent filters and 11-litre capacity storage capacity are best for a large family.
  • This body is a good choice for self-assembly of up to 6 – 7 stages of ro/uv water purifiers.
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4. AQUAFRESH RO Cabinet Body

aquafresh ro cabinet body

About this item:

  • Aquafresh RO filter cabinet has 8 litres Storage Tank, and its stylish design brings a modern design to your kitchen.
  • Ideal for those looking to change their RO systems or change their old ro cabinet.
  • Food-grade plastic. Supreme Quality 100%.
  • The product comes with one piece Plastic cabinet Body & a one-piece tap.
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5. Ionix Ipure Model RO filter cabinet

ionix ipure cabinet

About this item:

  • Ionix Ipure RO filter cabinet body Blue colour.
  • Chrome Tap and bulkhead connectors.
  • 10 litres storage tank best for a large family.
  • The best for self-assembly of water purifier.
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