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We know the water quality is deteriorating due to the continuous increase in pollution from many sources like lakes, rivers, dams etc. Suppose you are staying in a city town & you are dependent on municipality water. In that case, you need to check pH & Total dissolve solid on this water. The municipality water is treated water, but it may contaminate during transfer home through pipeline due to leakage.

Earlier, only the wealthiest people used water purifiers in their homes, but time has changed now. As a result, you can find a new water purifier under the price of 5000 rupees, but the maximum cheap water purifiers won’t last long. It was made with cheap plastic that can harm your health by dissolving plastic in the water.

Hence it is always recommended to buy the best water purifier under 15000 for high durable, reputable brand & the quality of the product maintained.

Our Top Picks Water Purifier Under 15000

kent new grand

KENT Grand

Technology: RO + UV+ UF+ TDS Control (Storage Capacity: 8L/Water Level Indicator available/ABS Food Grade Plastic)
pureit eco

Pureit Eco Water Saver

Technology: RO + UV + MF (Seven stage water purification/Storage Capacity: 10L/RO Recovery: 60 %/ Filter change indicator)
v guard zenora

V-Guard Zenora

Technology: RO + UV + MB (Eight stage water purification/Storage Capacity: 7L/Balance water pH level/100% food-grade plastic/Free External Pre-Filter/LED Indicators)
kent super plus

KENT Super Plus

Technology: RO + UF+ TDS Control (Storage Capacity: 8L/Purification Production Rate: 15L/hr/Auto On/Off Operation/ABS Food Grade Plastic)
aquaguard delight

Aquaguard Delight

Technology: RO + UV + MTDS (Storage Capacity: 7L/ TDS control system /Auto switch off after tank full/ Long-life Membrane)
Havells Max 2 60

Havells Max

Technology: RO + UV +UF + IBT+ Alkaline (Seven-stage water purification/Storage Capacity: 10L/Aqua Taste Booster/Alkaline Antioxidant Water/Aqua Mineral Infuser/
Filter Change Alert)
pureit marvella sleek

Pureit Marvella Sleek

Technology: RO + UV + MF + MP (Advance 7 stages purification/8-litre storage tank/Auto shut off /Advanced alert system/100% food-grade plastic/Power saving mood available)
bepure 3g hot and normal

Bepure 3G Hot and Normal

Technology – RO+UV+UF+TDS controller (8 Stage Purification/ Storage tank 6 litres normal + 1 liter Hot water /Easy Filter Replacements design)
Hindware Elara

Hindware Elara

Technology: RO + UV + UF + Mineral Fortification (Seven-stage water purification/
Storage Capacity: 7L/LED Indicator alert system/ABS Food Grade Plastic)

Review of Best Water Purifier Under 15000 in India

1. Kent – Grand RO + UV+ UF + TDS Control Water Purifier

The most reliable and best-selling RO water purifier with a transparent design features Kent’s patented mineral RO technology and an inbuilt TDS controller. Best suited for Indian homes and offices and purification of brackish/tap water/municipal water supplies.

The New Grand model is the kent best water purifier under 15000 rupees & is has latest all feature. The quality of the product is also good.

kent new grand
check price on amazon


  • Technology: RO + UV+ UF+ TDS Control
  • Storage Capacity: 8L
  • Water Level Indicator available
  • Purification Production Rate: 20L/hr Max
  • Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • TDS control: The TDS control regulator maintains essential minerals
  • Safety: Water filter change warning and UV (Ultraviolet) failure alarm
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty + 3 years free service available

Expert Review:

  • Kent new Grand water purifier uses multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS control to remove dissolved impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses to provide 100% pure and healthy water.
  • It’s Mineral RO technology helps in retaining essential natural minerals in purified water using a TDS controller.
  • Kent new Grand has the capacity to purify 20 liters of water in an hour.
  • Once the tank is full and it is displayed on the indicator, the energy-saving mode consumes only the required power.
  • Kent’s Minerals RO technology maintain essential natural minerals in purified water using a TDS controller, providing healthy and tasty drinking water.
  • Experience the promise of prompt service, dedicated and trained technicians at a service center near you.


  • Energy-saving mode
  • KENT has more than 1500+ service centers across India
  • All type water purify


  • High water wastage during filtration

2. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver RO water purifier

The ordinary RO water purifier is rejecting two glasses of water for every glass of pure water. The new HUL Pure Eco Water Saver Mineral Water Purifier gives you pure and fresh water with 100% water saving RO membrane.

It is the first Pureit RO water purifier in India with eco recovery technology; saving 60% water recovery means save up to 80 glasses per day versus other purifiers. It also comes with a large 10L water storage suitable for a large family. The Pureit Eco is high water saving the best water purifier under 15000 rupees.

pureit eco
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  • Technology: RO + UV + MF
  • Filtration step: Seven stage water purification
  • Storage Capacity: 10L
  • Purification Production Rate: 24 L/hr
  • RO Recovery: 60 %
  • TDS Limit: 2000 mg/ liter Maximum
  • Safety: Filter change indicator alert 15 before the expiry of the germ kill kit
  • USEPA Compliant: 1 cr virus & 10 cr bacteria remove from 1-litre water.

Expert Review:

  • 7 Stages of purification are Pre-sediment filter – pre RO carbon filter – mesh filter – reverse osmosis membrane – UV reactor – post RO carbon filter – microfilter membrane.
  • Pureit Eco water purifier Suitable for all source of water.
  • It has a large storage tank of 10 liters & fast purification capacity up to 24 liters/hour
  • The highest water recovery RO membrane save water up to 60% means less water waste.
  • Total Dissolve solid (TDS) limit of this water Purifies from 500 mg/l to 2000 mg /l
  • To ensure that never a drop of unsafe water occurs, this purifier has a smart double accuracy lock – an advanced warning system that starts reminding you 15 days before the expiration of your germ kill (filter kit) And an auto shut-off that automatically shuts off the water.


  • High water recovery RO membrane
  • large storage Tank
  • Advanced warning & auto shut off system inbuild


  • bigger size with respect to others purifier

3. V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB 7 Litre Water Purifier

V-Guard Zerona has an advanced multi-stage purification process with a unique mineral balancer that assures you hassle-free and affordable access to 100% pure water, which has a good and natural taste. It is the best water purifier under 15000 rupees based on India water quality.

Its multi-stage purification process is divided into pre-RO, RO, and post-RO treatment. The first step protects the sensitive RO membrane by removing large and fine particles, suspended solids, bad odours, excess chlorine and similar impurities. The second stage involves a broad surface RO membrane and TDS (total dissolved solids) and eliminates heavy metals. The third step enhances the taste of RO-treated water with a unique calcium mineral balancer and provides an extra layer of protection against micro-organisms, assuring 100% safe and pure water.

v guard zenora
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  • Technology: RO + UV + MB
  • Filtration step: Eight stage water purification
  • Storage Capacity: 7L
  • Balance water pH level
  • 100% food-grade plastic
  • Special UV glass channel
  • Free External Pre-Filter
  • LED Indicators

Expert Review:

  • V-guard Zenora water purifier can treat water with TDS up to 2000ppm & best for borewell, tanker and municipal water.
  • This water purifier made for Indian water conditions. It has eight stages of advanced purification with double layer protection RO & UV.
  • One year comprehensive warranty covers RO membrane, filters, electrical parts &two pre-emptive maintenance services.
  • V-Guard Zenora RO membrane has a wide surface area for high productivity, even low pressure. This highly customized RO unit delivers long-lasting performance, effectively reduces TDS and destroys heavy metals and micro-organisms from water.
  • The extra layer of protection created through an advanced UV channel neutralizes any remaining microbes, which can get out of the earlier stages. Its next-generation chambers pass water through a unique UV glass channel.


  • Eight stages of advanced purification
  • Unique UV glass channel
  • Suitable for borewell, tanker and municipal water


  • TDS control valve does not available

4. KENT Super Plus Water Purifier

Kent has introduced an advanced RO water purifier Kent Super+ which uses several RO + UF purification processes to provide 100% pure drinking water. Using a TDS controller, this purifier uses Kent’s Mineral ROTM technology to retain essential natural minerals in purified water. This is the best water purifier under 15000 rupees in the kent brand.

kent super plus
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  • Technology: RO + UF+ TDS Control
  • Storage Capacity: 8L
  • Purification Production Rate: 15L/hr
  • Auto On/Off Operation
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Suitable for Purification of Brackish/Tap Water/Municipal Corporation Water

Expert Review:

  • Multistage purification by RO + UF + TDS control process removes dissolved impurities like arsenic, rust, pesticides, fluoride and kills bacteria and viruses to make the water 100% pure and drinkable.
  • The TDS control system allows adjusting the TDS level of pure water, which maintains the essential minerals in the pure water.
  • The Kent Super + has a fully automated operation that shuts down when the storage tank is full. The purification process begins when the water in the storage tank falls below the maximum level.
  • This advanced water purifier has a water level indicator to check the pure water available in the storage tank.


  • RO with TDS Controller
  • 1-year warranty + 3 Years Service Free AMC
  • Kent has over 1500 service centers across India.


  • UV purification does not present
  • Price high based on feature

5. Aquaguard Delight RO Water Purifier

AquaGuard Delight is a compact and sleek purifier with an advanced TDS regulator (MTDS), allowing you to easily maintain the water’s taste according to the water’s source. Trusted by people across the country and the most preferred brand in over 1500 cities, AquaGuard ensures safe drinking water from millions of bacteria & virus.

Delight model is the Aquagurd best water purifier under 15000 rupees, ranked among the top 10 water purifiers within this range.

aquaguard delight
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  • Technology: RO + UV + MTDS
  • Water Purification Rate: 15 L/hr
  • Storage Capacity: 7L
  • A TDS control system was available.
  • TDS Limit: Maximum 2000 mg/ liter
  • Energy saves: Auto switch off after tank full.
  •  Long-life Membrane: Membrane life 6000 L water outlet

Expert Review:

  • Aquaguard Delight six stages water purifier are sediment filter, chemi block, RO membrane, UV chamber and carbon filter.
  • The Aquasure Delight looks attractive and comes with a semi-transparent storage tank that can store around 7 liters of drinkable pure water.
  • This water purifier can be easily mounted on the wall or mounted on a table/kitchen counter.
  • Automatically shuts down the water cleanser power supply when the water tank is full, which helps you minimize your month-to-month bills.
  • Smart LED indicator shows power on, purification on.


  • Cheapest price
  • Compact & attractive design


  • The power adapter is outside the water purifier

6. Havells Max RO Water Purifier

If you are looking for the best water purifier under 15000 rupees, the Havells Max Water Purifier is a perfect choice. It ensures safe and clean drinking water. It has an alkaline flavour enhancer that converts normal water into alkaline water. Maintains pH level of regenerator and mineral cartridge water.

Havells Max 2 60
check price on amazon


  • Technology: RO + UV +UF + IBT+ Alkaline
  •  Filtration step: Seven-stage water purification
  • Storage Capacity: 10L
  • Purification Production Rate: 12L/hr Max
  • Aqua Taste Booster
  • Alkaline Antioxidant Water
  • Aqua Mineral Infuser
  • Filter Change Alert

Expert Review:

  • Absolute protection through RO and UV purification, water passes through RO membranes and then UV purification to ensure completely safe and pure drinking water.
  • The mineral cartridge corrects the pH of pure water, adds natural minerals to provides healthy and delicious water.
  • Havells Max can easily mount on a tabletop, straight wall or corner. In addition, Havells comes in a vibrant dual-tone combination of Max White and Aqua Green.
  • This Havells water purifier has a unique soft-touch faucet design that ensures zero splashes, contamination, and smooth flow.
  • Smart alert inbuilt for process alert: Self-diagnostic, purification and tank full. Error warning: UV, SV, or pump failure.


  • Zero Splash Faucet
  • Advanced Alert System
  • Removable Tank


  • Did not found

7. Pureit Marvella Sleek Water Purifier

Pureit brings the all-new Marvella Sleek Mineral RO + UV + MF + MP with advanced 7 stage purification that purifies water and its mineral cartridge, which enriches the purified water with the goodness of minerals.

All the water passes through the RO so that pure and impure water is not mixed. Therefore, only RO can remove harmful chemicals like lead, mercury etc. It is another best water purifier under 15000 rupees.

pureit marvella sleek
check price on amazon


  • Advance 7 stages purification
  •  8-litre storage tank
  • Auto shut off purifier if any technical issue come
  • Advanced alert system
  • 100% food-grade plastic
  • Power saving mood available

Expert Review:

  • HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Water Purifier provides advanced 7-step purification with RO + UV + MF + MP
  • The purification process ensures that all the water passes through the RO membrane, ensuring 100% pure water for drinking.
  • This purifier enriches the water with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Marvella stores a large 8L of water with a level indicator.
  • It has a long filter life of 6000 liters, which is double the life of a regular filter.
  • It purifies hard water up to 2000 ppm to safe and freshwater by TDS removal.


  • Value for money
  • Low maintenance cost


  • TDS controller available

8. Bepure 3G Hot and Normal 7L RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

bepure 3g hot and normal
check price on amazon


  • Technology – RO+UV+UF+TDS controllar
  • 8 Stage Ultra-Purification process
  • Regular Water Storage tank 6 litres capacity
  • Hot Water Storage tank 1 litre capacity
  • 4 Led funcitons to monitor the operations
  • Easy Filter Replacements design

Expert Review:

  • 8-stage Ultra-Purification process using Mineral Technology by Inbuilt TDS controller that provides not only pure, but healthy water, but also healthy.
  • Stages of Purification – Pre Filter >> Sediment Filter >> Activated Carbon Filter >> Reverse Osmosis Membrane >> Ultrafiltration Membrane >> TDS controller >> Post Carbon >> Ultra-Violet System Treatment
  • Find hot water with two lits per minute and a temperature range of between 80-90 degrees so that you’ll have less trouble finding hot water to drink and making drinks.
  • 4 Led functions to monitor the operation and operation of the water purifier.
  • Turn on the faucet of hot water whenever you need it according to your needs. Electricity is only used once they have been turned on.


  • Hot & normal temp. water instant dispense
  • 8 stages of complete purification
  • Attractive design
  • Easy filter change design without opening the purifier
  • The quality and taste of the water are crystal clear and good
  •  hot and normal water purifier within budget price


  • The regular water tap will also get slightly warm if the heater is on for longer than two hours. It could be caused by internal heat transfer

9. Hindware Elara 7-Liter RO+UV+UF+Mineral Fortification Water Purifier

Hindware Elara
check price on amazon


  • Technology: RO + UV + UF + Mineral Fortification
  • Seven-stage water purification
  • Storage Capacity: 7L
  • TDS Limit: Maximum 1800 mg/litre
  • LED Indicator alert system
  • Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Serving more than 900 cities

Expert Review:

• Hindware Elara Water purifier means 7-Super Power; Get 7-stage filtration, safe, healthy and easy access to pure drinking water. Innovative 7-stage filtration with RO + UV + UF + minerals, it delivers efficiently and leaves 100% RO + UV + UF pure drinking water with additional minerals.
• The mineral fortification system has extremely health benefits as it adds important minerals that increase the taste, quality and similarly stabilize the pH of pure water.
• The Super Engineered Super Performance Filter helps to eliminate unwanted odours and chemicals from the water and removes harmful bacteria and viruses that cause disease, making drinking water very safe.
• The water cleanser comes with a 7-litre tank and is suitable for water from all sources with TDS up to 1800 ppm.


  • 100% RO+UV+UF purified water
  • Suitable for all sources of water


  • No filter change alarm/indicator


It is essential to have a water purifier in the house to stay healthy. These days water purifiers come in a unique design that also enhances the aesthetics of the homes. We are a detailed review of the best water purifier under 15000 rupees of different brands; some popular brands are Kent, Aquaguard, HUL, Havels and many more.

These RO water purifiers come with the latest technologies to deliver clean and pure water. You can find RO, UV, TDS and UF technology used in water purifiers. Most water purifiers come with either certain technologies or all technologies that depend on the brand. So consumers can choose according to their choice and convenience.

These all RO water Purifier suitable for high TDS water 500 – 2000 mg/l. If your home supply water TDS less than 500 mg/l, then best to use UF + UV water Purifier.

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How to select a Water Purifier?

As per India, drinking water standers parameter limit TDS level under 500 mg/l is acceptable & safe for drinking but tastes a little salty. On the other hand, drinking water under 200 mg/l TDS water taste is sweet. So if your home water TDS is under 200 mg/l, you go with a gravity water purifier of UV+UF technology-based water purifier to remove suspended particles & microorganisms. If your water is TDS high, you go with RO technology.

TDS analysis is very simple with a TDS Meter. There is no need for lab expertise. A portable TDS meter can perform the analysis in less than a minute.

The pen-type TDS meter is priced at 200-300 rupees, and it’s on sale on the internet store. After the complication of TDS analysis, you can follow the below table to select a water purifier based on the requirement.

Sl No.Water QualityTDS RangeWater Purifier Selection Guide
1Clean & Good smellLowNon-Electric Gravity Water Filter
Electric purifierUF + UV
2Clean & bed smellLowElectric purifier– UF +UV +ACF
3Dirty & bed smellLowElectric purifier– Prefilter +Sediment filter+UF + UV+ACF
Sediment filter+UF +RO+MTDS+ UV
4Clean & Good smellHighElectric purifier– UF +RO+ UV
5Clean & bed smellHighElectric purifierUF +RO+ACF+ UV
6Dirty & bed smellHighElectric purifier– Prefilter +Sediment filter+UF+ RO+ACF+ UV

Common Issue of any RO water purifier

If you want to ensure that your family’s health is good, make sure you have access to clean water for cooking and drinking, for this, your RO must be in good condition and keep your RO water filter running in good condition & you should take care.

Lets understand the common issue of any RO water purifier

1. RO Purifier Not Working?

  • The ‘Power indicator is off – Check if the power switch is on/off. If the switch is on, check if the power supply is accessible or not.
  • The ‘Power indicator is on – In this case, you should check your main water supply valve. If it is off, turn it on and check if the purifier is currently working. Sometimes, the valve is open, and RO isn’t working; you need to check the water pressure. Most RO purifiers won’t work if the water pressure is extremely low.

2. Water Leakage :

Water leakage from RO purifiers is a common issue, and you may see this because the connectors of the lines have lose connections.
If you notice any leakage, call the RO technician. The technician will completely check the water purifier to track down the real reason for the leakage.

3. Bad Taste of Water :

If you feel a distinction in the taste or smell while drinking the RO water, it signifies that there’s a problem. The most widely recognized reason for foul smell or it may occur if the channels are not filtering the water appropriately.

if you think it’s something wrong that is unnatural and you don’t need this issue to go on, you need to change the water channels.

4. RO Water filter taking more time to fill :

Your RO purifier is taking an abnormally long time to fill the capacity tank. This problem occurs when your RO membrane is chocked with suspended particles. If your pre-filter does not work properly & suspends particle slippage, it will choke the RO membrane. Every 3 months change the pre-filter is a solution to this type of problem.

Once damage your membrane, you can’t recover it. The solution is to change the RO membrane.


Q. What is RO water?

RO water means to filter water through the RO membrane. It is a process of reverse osmosis. In this filtration process, up to 95% of water impurities can remove from the water.

Q. Is it safe to drink RO water?

RO water purifiers are the ideal solution to treat hard water, it eliminates toxins like mercury, lead fluoride, chlorine, and lead that can cause the body to become sick. The RO eliminates lead from water and thus frees individuals from numerous diseases like nerve damage, high blood pressure, and fertility. Drinking RO water will reduce the possibility of damage to the brain.

Q. How does Reverse Osmosis Work?

The membrane is made up of many thin layers or films. It was bonded together with a spiral arrangement around a tub of plastic. The material used in the membrane is semi-permeable. As the flow of feedwater passes across the surface of the membrane, the molecule can enter the surface, moves around the spiral, then gathers in the central tube. The rest of the contaminants are concentrated and escape off the surface of the membrane to the point.

Q. What are the advantages of Reverse Osmosis filtration?

Reverse Osmosis performs a separation without water phase changes. The power required for this process is very low.

The latest Reverse Osmosis Systems are entirely automated and are designed to allow instant stop-up and start-up by Interlock.

Eliminates all kinds of impurities effectively to a certain degree (particles and bacteria, pyrogens, colloids and inorganic compounds that dissolved ).

Q. Can I get best water purifier in India under 15000 rupees?

Yes, you can get top branded (kent, Aquagurd, Pureit, Havells etc.) advanced feature water purifier within this range.

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