Water Purifier without electricity Can make Drinkable water?

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Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human need. It is readily available in some areas. Now modern technology RO water purifier can filter any source of water to make it pure to remove all harmful contaminant. The problem is RO purifier need electricity. So especially in areas where electricity is scarce or non-existent, the RO purifier not working. This guide explores the solutions that can purify water without electrical power. Now we look the importance of Water Purifier without electricity, types, and how they operate to provide safe drinking water.

Types of Water Purifiers Without Electricity

Gravity based water purifiers and UF water purifiers is a non-electric water purifiers. This purifier employs a unique method to eliminate contaminants from water, offering a range of options for consumers depending on their specific needs and the quality of the water source.

1. Gravity Based Water Purifier

Gravity-based water purifiers utilize the simple principle of gravity pressure to flow water through a filter that traps contaminants. The gravity filter can filter all suspended particle & also trap all microorganism. So, we can use this filter for less than 500 mg/l TDS water.

Maintenance of Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

Regular maintenance is crucial for the effective operation of gravity-based water purifiers. This includes cleaning the unit and replacing filters according to the manufacturer’s schedule to ensure the water remains safe for drinking.

UF Water Purifiers

UF means ultra filtration process. This is an membrane filtration process to remove suspended particle & microorganism. The water flows from the upper chamber to the lower vessel through gravity pressure. This purifier uses activated carbon or UF & Microbiological filter kit. It is a basic & simple design water filter. 

Benefits of Water Purifier Without Electricity

These devices offer several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, portability, convenience, and a reduced environmental impact. They provide a viable solution for clean drinking water in areas lacking infrastructure for electric purifiers or where electricity is unavailable.

How to Choose the Right Water Purifier Without Electricity

Selecting the appropriate water purifier involves assessing the quality of your water source, considering the purifier’s capacity and size, and understanding the maintenance requirements, including filter replacement. If your area water TDS level under 500 mg/l then it is best choice for you.

Installation of Non-Electric Water Purifiers

Installing a non-electric water purifier is generally straightforward. This part of the guide provides a step-by-step installation guide and tips to ensure the cleaner operates efficiently.

The Best Non-Electric Water Purifiers on the Market

Discover the top non-electric water purifiers available today, including detailed reviews and user experiences that highlight the features and effectiveness of each model.

kent gold plus
Best Overall

KENT Gold+ 20-litres UF technology

Kent Gold+ has 0.1 Microns Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane & its life 4000 liter water production run a long time. It used ABS food-grade plastic to make your water safe & 20 liter storage capacity is suitable for a large family.
konvio neer gravity based
Best Budget

Konvio Neer Nano Technology UF gravity

Konvio Neer has Nano Silver Technology with Activated Carbon Filter & Ultrafiltration can remove dust, colour, odour, bacteria, viruses and make your drinking water safe. It is very cheapest gravity based water filter in the Indian market.

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