Blue Star Aristo Water Purifier Review

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The blue star Aristo water purifier comes with 7 stages of purification with a 7 liters storage capacity. The purification technology used RO, UV & UF. It is a complete water purification system give you 100% safe & tasty water. You can use a Blue star Aristo water purifier for any source of water like municipality or groundwater.

The price of this water purifier is 13900/- rupees but you buy it huge discount price on any online e-commerce website. The price varies from 7000/- to 8000/- on the amazon website.

Blue Star Aristo Review

blue star aristo
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Key Feature:

  • Triple layered RO+UV+UF protection
  • 7 Stages purification
  • Storage Capacity: 7 litres
  • Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)
  • UV fail alert
  • Copper impregnated activated carbon filter
  • Installation type: Wall mount/counter top
  • Tank full indicator
  • Child Lock Button

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Stages of Purification

  • External pre filter
  • Pre-carbon filter
  • Sediment filter
  • RO membrane
  • Post Carban filter with ABT
  • UV lamp
  • UF Mambrane

Blue Star Aristo water purifier video Review

Video Credit: Blue Star Limited

Expert Review

The blue star company offer free installation in this product & also you get 1-year warranty of On-site Service. Customer Needs to Toll-Free Number (1800 209 1177), Service Engineer will Come to the Site to Get the Product Repaired or Inspected. The warranty covered manufacturing defects.

Blue Star Aristo uses a copper impregnated activated carbon filter that removes all kinds of organic impurities, removes bad smells & makes odourless water.

Blue Star Aristo uses an advanced purification process with seven stages to ensure that your water is safe, pure, and delicious. The water purifier made by Blue Star offers an impressive capacity for purification of up to 12 litres per hour. The exceptional purification capability of this purifier is due to the super-efficient and top-quality RO membrane.

The Child Lock Button will save the water purifier from excessive water uses or drain in your absence.

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV water purifier comes with all typical indicators, including Purification On, Full Tank Indicator and low inlet water pressure. These advanced alert systems help you to operate a water purifier efficiently.

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  • Aqua Taste Booster increase water taste
  • 7 Stage Purification with RO+UV+UF
  • Child Lock Button
  • Low Pressure Alert and UV Fail Alert
  • Purification Capacity of up to 12 litres/hour


  • No TDS controller to control water TDS as per your requirement.

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