HUL Pureit germkill kit classic 23 litre water purifier

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The Pureit Water purifier includes an advance auto shut-off system once the germkill kit life indicator turns fully red pureit advanced auto shut-off mechanism shuts off the supply of purified water. This ensures that no member of your family drinks contaminant water.

Advance germkill kit
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Pureit Germkill kit Advanced 3000 ltr:

Long-lasting and efficient

Suitable with Pureit Advanced Water purifier, HUL Pureit Cartridge uses a complete solution for all your purification needs. This germkill kit is equipped with sophisticated inventions which clean the water correctly before you drink it. The cartridge efficiently purifies the water by destroying and filtering various types of germs and bacteria. Also, it is built in such a way that it will last you long.

HUL Germkill kit Feature:

Activated Carbon Filter:

This water purifier cartridge uses an activated carbon trap method to purify the water. Activated charcoal carbon filters are most effective in removing chlorine, sediment, volatile natural substances (VOC), taste and odor from water.

Germkill processor:

This cartridge features a germ-killing processor. Configurators use bacterial killing technology to eliminate invisible, harmful viruses and bacteria.


Integrated polyester helps to get rid of chlorine and other contaminants. It makes your drinking water clean, odourless and clear in colour.

Germkill kit Advance for 23L

So, buy this germkill kit cartridge online from and Drink pure water to spend 40 paise per liter.

Is your water purifier not providing the desired results? Then maybe it’s time to replace your water purifier cartridge. After the use of water purifier cartridges increased and they began to lose their effectiveness. To keep your water clean, the cartridge needs to be changed so you can get safe and pure drinking water. Now, you can choose HUL Pureit Advanced 3000 Liter Disinfection Set Cartridge and give your water purifier a new life.

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  • With advanced auto switch off
  • Meets stringent US EPA norms
  • Capacity: 3000 litres

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