Kent Supreme Lite RO Water Purifier Review

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Kent proudly presents kent supreme lite Mineral ROTM – a new and advanced household water purifier that provides pure and healthy drinking water. Kent Supreme Lite RO comes with a technology RO + UF + TDS control system. Kent Supreme Lite RO is a user-friendly water purifier that ensures that you and your family get a continuous supply of pure, healthy and drinking water.

Kent’s Mineral RO technology retains the essential natural minerals in the purified water. This advanced RO water purifier is designed to be wall-mounted, making it ideal for home purposes.

kent supreme lite water purifier review

kent supreme lite
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kent supreme lite Feature:

  • Technology: RO + UF+ TDS Control
  • Filtration step: Four-stage water purification
  • Storage Capacity: 8L
  • Purification Production Rate: 20L/hr Max
  • Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Safety: Auto on/Off, overflow protection & Inbuilt auto-flushing system
  • TDS control: TDS control regulator maintains essential minerals
  • Water Level Indicator

Expert Review:

  • In Kent Supreme Lite water passes through a number of purification processes, including Reverse Osmosis (RO), UV and UF, to remove impurities, salts and kill bacteria and viruses. As a result, you get 100% pure drinking water.
  • The mineral RO technology retains essential minerals in pure water using the TDS control system, providing pure and delicious drinking water.
  • Kent Supreme Lite built-in TDS controller allows users to retain the desired essential natural minerals in pure water.
  • This water purifier comes with a storage capacity of 8 liters to ensure a constant water supply, even powercut.
  • This advanced water purifier comes with a water level indicator to track the pure water available in the storage tank.
  • It is made of ABS food-grade plastic for healthy water. ABS construction enhances product durability and longevity.
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  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Most Trusted & Awarded product
  • Price on this product are reasonable
  • TDS Controller maintain the essential minerals in your drinking water
  • 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years Free Service AMC


  • UV technology not available


The kent water purifier is a trustable brand in-home water filtration field & this water purifier price is also lower with respect to others kent water purifiers. Every water purifier needs maintenance after a time period. The kent has a strong service network all over India. This is an advantage to go with kent water purifier.

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