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Kent Superb Star RO Water Purifier Feature & Review

Kent superb star RO is a sophisticated RO water purifier with RO + UV + UF + TDS control and dual purification technology of UV. Conventional water purification is a unique conservation water technology that features water waste reduction. Best for Indian homes and offices, RO Water Purifier is perfect for local corporation water, tap water and groundwater.

kent superb star

Kent Superb Star Review:

• Storage Capacity: 9L
• Technology: RO + UV+ UF+ TDS Control
• Filtration step: Seven-stage water purification
• Purification Production Rate: 15L/hr Max
• Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
• TDS control regulator will maintain essential minerals
• 1-year warranty + 3 years free service available


• Various purification processes of RO + UF + TDS control make drinking water 100% pure. RO reduces dissolved impurities, while the UF method provides complete protection from bacteria and viruses, providing you with pure and delicious drinking water.
• Kent’s mineral RO innovation uses a built-in TDS regulator to help maintain essential natural minerals in pure water, resulting in tasty and pure drinking water.
• KENT Superb Star has a digital display screen function that enables you to filter pure water status, life and performance.
• KENT Superb Star features a 9-litre storage tank for storing pure water and 15 L / h filtration capacity, so fast pure water supply, it is easily delivered to you.
• A built-in TDS regulator from Kent Superb Star enables users to maintain the desired natural minerals in pure water.
• The Kent Superb Star RO Water purifier has extra UV LED light protection in its storage tank that keeps pure water pure for a long time.

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Model NameSuperb Star
Storage Capacity9 L
Purifying TechnologyRO+UV+UF+UV in Tank
Filtration Capacity20 L/Hr
Filter CartridgesSediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UF Filter, RO Membrane, and Post Carbon Filter
Maximum Duty Cycle100 Litres/Day
Power Consumption60 Watt
Membrane TypeThin Film Composite RO
Membrane HousingSpin-welded RO membrane housing
Width26 cm
Height52 cm
Length41 cm
Weight8.6 Kg

Kent Superb Star Advantage:

  1. India’s first water purifier with UV in the storage tank.
  2. 9-litre water storage tank.
  3. Filtration capacity like 15 litres/hour.
  4. Automatic flushing of RO membrane.
  5. About 50% water recovery.
  6. 1-year warranty + 3 years no service fee.
  7. Indicators for filter changes and errors.

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